Beautiful places in Sydney for a perfect wedding venue

Finding the most immaculate wedding venue in bustling Sydney is no plain sailing. This vast and cosmopolitan city has so many things to offer for newlyweds, including stunning locations to hold your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. However, it can be rather hard and challenging to find the perfect venue in the plethora of options. Luckily, we have comprised a helpful and thorough list that will help you find the perfect venue for a dreamy Sydney wedding.


  • A fairytale-like wedding and Maroubra Beach


One of the most sensations and also types of non-traditional wedding ceremonies certainly involves beach weddings. Beaches are ideal for weddings, the lovely white sand, the dazzling light breeze, the sunny weather, all of those things, and many more add up to creating a perfect wedding ceremony. And Sydney has its fair share of amazing beaches. However, the most eligible beach is probably Maroubra Beach. It’s an absolutely fantastic backdrop for your wedding ceremony as it’s inexpensive, brings out the summery vibe, and you would most definitely have awesome pictures to commemorate your day.

  • A glimpse of historic flair at Sydney’s North Shore

to incorporate a touch of history in your wedding, then you need to search for a venue that would exude elegance and grace and have sleek architectural glamour. In order to find the perfect wedding venue in Sydney that would give out such a ravishing historic vibe, you don’t need to search that far. One such stunning ceremony location is Laurelbank located in the heart of Sydney’s North Shore. The most eclectic feature of this venue is that it has lavish verandas, lovely gardens with rich blooms, and historic trees and plantings. Not only ideal for history-inspired or boho weddings, but the architectural space will leave you with memories that you will cherish forever.

  • Venue with a view from above

Have you ever dreamed of having your wedding vows exchanged overlooking the Sydney Harbour? One of the most beautiful places to tie the knot is Observatory Hill. Every person born and raised in Sydney, but also keen visitors, love the panoramic Sydney Harbour views, and the splendid green surrounding and gorgeous gardens max up the total vibe. It’s fair to note that Observatory Hill is perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony, so you could arrange the arch overlooking directly to the Sydney Opera House and have all the guests witness that breathless moment. What’s more, the gardens are kept meticulously, plus an enormous tree provides the perfect setting (and shading) for a picture-perfect garden wedding.

  • The lush Royal Botanic Gardens

Newlyweds who wish to incorporate lots of greenery and joyous blooms into their wedding will love the Rose Garden and Herb Gardens at the Royal Botanic Gardens. You literally don’t need to hire additional decorators because the entire Herbs Gardens is a living decoration. There is an aisle leading down to a gazebo in The Herbs Gardens, whereas you would find breathtaking walkways lined with roses and grand lion statues all around the Rose Garden. Whether you opt to have an intimate or a large wedding ceremony, Royal Botanic Gardens are a faultless choice. Plus, you would undoubtedly have the most terrific bridal portraits.


  • A dreamy Japanese Garden venue


If you like the Royal Botanic Gardens, here’s another venue that will totally sweep you off your feet – the Auburn Botanic Gardens. Anybody who adores Japanese cultures, elements, cuisine, and others will love the cherry blossoms, koi fish ponds, and beautifully decorative bridges. If you happen to organize the wedding ceremony in August or September, you would be able to witness the amazing cherry tree blossoming and have the entire venue ravish in pinks and roses. The best thing about the venue is that entire gardens are a sprucing backdrop, hence you won’t have to leave the wedding ceremony venue to have your wedding pictures taken. The Japanese garden is about 15km from the center of Sydney city and you might need to book at least 2 weeks early to be able to get the perfect spot.

  • The Cove Jervis Bay – a private heaven

Couples who wish to have their wedding secluded but at the same time make it lively and aesthetic can check out the beautiful Jervis Bay. The best thing about this place is that has all the intimacy and exclusiveness you could possibly imagine. The Cove Jervis Bay is a pleasant spot with its own private beach where you can walk down the aisle overlooking the flawless ocean while surrounded by the glorious Australian bush. This wedding venue is a perfect solution for Boho or retro weddings where you can use up the entire space to create your dreamland for your big day.

  • Inspirational McKell Park

What differentiates McKell park from other Sydney parks is that it offers mesmerizing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are looking for a charming venue for your outdoor wedding ceremony, you ought to check this park out. The entire McKell premises are utterly well-maintained with glorious lush greenish ambient that serves as a great vantage point for boats sailing around the Sydney Harbour. You would be enchanted by the striking surrounding gardens and views. Also, nearby there is a heritage-listed Canonbury Cottage which can serve as a sublime backdrop for the pictures.  

  • Splendid surroundings at the Waterhouse Reserve

Those who are looking to blend the cosmopolitan theme of a wedding with an amazing cutting-edge venue should see the Captian Henry Waterhouse Reserve. It’s located right next to the waterfront with a completely private view of the iconic harbour and the Sydney Opera House. Besides being an original and very down-to-earth place to exchange your sacred vows, the Waterhouse Reserve is a real Sydney delight for couples. You can organize a divine reception under the romantic sunset while overlooking the city’s monumental attraction. Have your relatives and guests sit under the big tree taking at the moment while you say “I do” at the most unique wedding venue in Sydney.

This majestic city has plenty of wedding ceremony places to offer, but the above-mentioned ones are the most romantic. Do your research, don’t rush things, and be cautious when selecting the perfect wedding venue – you only get married once (at least that’s the saying)!