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Some frequently asked questions?

Do I Have To Login With Facebook
No. You do not have to but it is easier to make sure our writers are ‘real people’ and not just fake accounts. We will only ever access your public Facebook profile and email address. You are welcome to register via our online form.

Can I Write Anonymously
Yes, you can write under a pseudonym, nickname or blogger name that is not your real name.

Who Owns My Work
We reserve the right to ownership of the articles written, we may adjust the written articles to fall within the webmaster guidelines. You may amend your written article at any time, however they will have to be re-approved.

We will not allow Fast cash loans , Gambling or Adult Content to be listed on our blog, we will only allow content related to travel.

Compare and Choose reserve the right to modify content and links at anytime. If submissions violate our guidelines, you may be removed from our site without further notice.

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You will use a modified version of the WordPress Post editor. Once submitted, our team will verify your posts to fall in line with our writing guidelines before approval. Please allow up to 90 days for our moderators to make any requested amendments to submissions.

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