Best Foodie Experiences in Sydney With a Spectacular View

If you want to surprise your taste buds while pleasing your eyes, you’ve come to the right place. Sydney is one of the most visited Aussie cities with delicious food and spectacular landscapes. It has to offer a wide range of different magnificent dishes with jaw-dropping views of the city and the ocean.

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, this city has many hidden gems that will surprise you. If you’re looking for a fantastic gourmet experience with the gorgeous view, check out these 6 amazing places in Sydney. You won’t regret it!

1. Feel the buzz

If you’re in the mood for the Italian food in the middle of the Australian city, head to the Spit. This cosy seafood Italian restaurant and cocktail bar will have you buzzing in no time. It’s located at the D’Albora Marina just 20-minutes away from the city centre. Tucked in the bay and surrounded by the yachts, this restaurant will provide you with an amazing view with even better food. 

From risotto, over bottoni to various tasty desserts, you’ll have an original tasting experience with a calming view. This restaurant is ideal for groups and foodies who enjoy the taste and sight of wonderfully prepared meals. Don’t forget to try the famous gelato!

2. 360-degree Sydney experience

Believe it or not, Sydney has to offer 3 revolving restaurants that provide a full view of the city. However, the best one is located on George Street Sydney. This glamorous restaurant is located 47 floors above the ground level, which means that you’ll get the full 360-degree view of Sydney.

This restaurant consists of a dining room, lounge bar and a private dining room for special occasions. You can order delightful food from one of many menus, including the plant-based one. Enjoy unique cocktails in the lounge or dine with a view. Keep in mind that this restaurant has special dress-code. So, put on your best dress or suit and head to the dinner of your lifetime.

3. Sightseeing and dining

Being short on time while exploring the city can be really frustrating. You want to see all the monumental sights, but at the same time, the growling sound of your stomach is preventing you from moving on. Did you know that you don’t have to choose between fulfilling your basic needs and exploring the city?

Hop on the Sydney Harbour dinner cruise and enjoy the 4.5 hours ride with a breathtaking view. Start the cruise with a wide range of appetizers and don’t miss Sydney’s most famous landmarks as you cruise past them. Finish the night with the luxurious delicious dinner and return to the harbour with a filled stomach, eyes, and heart. 

sydney foodie restaurant

4. Oh la la near the beach

There’s nothing better than soft yellow sand tickling your feet and the warm ocean breeze playing with your hair while you enjoy some of the tastiest French dishes Sydney has to offer. Just a 45-minute ride north the Sydney is located one of the best Sydney beaches with the award-winning restaurant you’ll love.

It’s a hidden gem many locals often visit. This restaurant is located on the cliffs above the Whale beach with an inspiring view of the Pacific Ocean. Complete this magical experience with the food from the modern French menu. Make a reservation on time and enjoy the fresh breakfast menu or the a la carte lunch and dinner menu. 

5. Exciting evening in the city centre

Every city centre is filled with various restaurants. But how do you know which one to choose? Luckily Sydney’s city centre offers one of the best dining places with the spectacular view of some of the world-famous monuments.

Watch the breath-taking sunset illuminating the Harbour and the Sydney Opera House while tasting some of the best dishes Australia has to offer. Whether you opt for a tasting menu as enjoyment for the entire table or choose to create your own gourmet dinner, this restaurant will grant you an unforgettable experience with the city view. Finish the night in one of Sydney’s clubs or bars and learn how to party like an Australian.

sydney foodie experience

6. Experience the wildlife 

If you’re tired of the city and the crowd, take a 20-minute ride by seaplane or a 50-minute car ride, and enjoy the adorable restaurant by the waterside. It’s surrounded by the Ku Ring Gai national park, which means that you will have the opportunity to see some of the wildlife inhabited there. We compare car hire prices so you can easily choose a hire car to get out and about.

This lovely restaurant offers both, an a la carte and a 7-course tasting menu that are adaptable to different types of diet and include vegetarian meals. Sip one of the finest Australian wines while enjoying the fresh air and shade from the national park. If you have an adventurous spirit and love to explore nature, consider visiting some of the best Australian national parks to complete the experience. 


Dining in Sydney is a magnificent experience that has to offer a wide range of different specialities and beautiful landscapes for everyone. Choose one of these restaurants with the view and you’ll have the best foodie atmosphere in your life. Don’t trust us? Try them out yourself!