5 Ways to Party Like an Australian

One of the things Aussies are well known for is without a doubt their passion for partying. That’s why it’s safe to say you can’t really know what it’s like to live like an Aussie if you have never partied like one. Whether you are traveling through Australia, living there temporarily, going to settle there for good, or simply planning an Australian themed party in or outside Australia, the following tips may come in handy.

If you’ve just moved there and want to impress new friends…

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– Have a party full of Australian natural attractions

A party that will scream Australia is surely an event where you can incorporate the continent’s natural beauty and make it the theme of the event. There are two ways to do this: thanks to Australia’s spectacular warm weather, you have the convenience of throwing an outdoor party at an Outback location for a more authentic feeling. Organizing your event at a beach is another appealing option, and all your guests are bound to adore the idea.

If you prefer keeping your festivity indoors, you can rely on visual equipment to help you bring the great flora and fauna of the continent into your selected venue. By projecting on walls and various other available surfaces videos and images of Aussie’s animal kingdom, forests, waters, and other attractions, you will be immersing everyone’s imagination into this colorful setting. You can complete this vibe by combining the visual with the audio effect by playing the sounds of nature in the background.

– A menu with Australian food and drinks

So you started your Australian themed party with pleasing the eye, and you can go on by doing the same for the palate. A hundred percent Aussie-food menu is how you will win your guests over and motivate them to appreciate you as a host even more. Consider serving foods like shrimp, barbecued snags, hamburgers with beetroot, kangaroo burgers, lamingtons (also known as the national cake of Australia), barramundi fish, chicken parmigiana, meat pies, Pavlova sweet… the list goes on. Top these foods off with some famous Australian beers such as Coopers, XXXX, Toopheys, or Victoria Bitter, and Aussie wines, and you’ve ensured everyone a blast.

– Entertainment activities focusing on Aussie culture

To truly amaze the locals, base the entertainment on their life and culture. Part of the party can be a karaoke competition, where the attendees would sing their favorite Australian hits. The prize could be something interesting like a party costume. For example, before your event, ask some locals to recommend you a few Aussie icons costume ideas so that whoever wins the karaoke competition gets mind-blown by their present. Trivia games and quizzes are always a good call, too: create a set of questions related to Australian history, arts, geography, famous people, cuisine… Not only will that be a chance for them to show how much they know about and love their country, but it will also be an opportunity for you to learn a lot more about your new surroundings.

If you’re going to Australia as a tourist seeking excitement…

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– Visit some of Australia’s best festivals

You are about to discover Australia as a swirl of nightlife, parties, amusing shows… and festivals! This country is very proud of its music events, such as Splendour In The Grass, Field Day, Ultra Australia, Lost Paradise, or Subsonic, where you will experience nothing but genuine Australian party-style and will never want to leave. Besides music festivals, there are also fantastic food and drink festivals, including Tasting Australia, Tasmanian Whiskey Week, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, etc. Any time of the year you end up ‘down under’, there will be plenty of such events for you to choose from!

– Mind-blowing beach parties

Another advantage of having so many beaches is the ability to move the parties to a more exotic location. Few places on the planet can say they have as great beach events as Australia, and that becomes especially clear if you visit Whitsunday Islands and Airlie beach. What makes them so popular is that they are the idyllic place to rock a party. The location looks like paradise on Earth with the gorgeous water, plenty of sunshine, warm welcoming sand, and an abundance of cruises and party boats with unforgettable bars and music playing all day long. Needless to say, even if you show up alone, you won’t be lacking company here!

To sum up…

What makes Australian party scene so appealing and dynamic is its wild variety. Whichever one of these ways you choose to implement into your entertainment plans, you are bound to fully enjoy every single moment of it. And even if you don’t live there and don’t have the opportunity to visit, there’s still a way for you to bring a little piece of it to your own festivity, in whichever corner of the planet you call home.