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Campervanning: The ideal way to holiday in France?

France has so much to offer travellers and holidaymakers from all over the world, no matter what they’re looking for. French food, local landmarks and good weather are only the tip of the country’s holiday iceberg. Unfortunately, you won’t get to see much of this on a package tour or car journey: why not utilise a company such as Compare and Choose who specialise in campervan hire, hotels and flights.

Campervans are mobile

It might seem obvious but the mobility a campervan gives you can make all the difference when you’re actually out on holiday. Being able to pack up and drive off in a matter of minutes gives you much more control over the places you can visit – if you feel like you want to move on to another town or campsite, you can!

It’s comfortable

Campervans can be equipped with full kitchens, beds, showers, toilets and dozens of other amenities. You won’t be limited like regular camping, but you also won’t have to stay cooped up like you’re in a hotel or guest house, so you can sit back and relax on a soft bed after a hard day of driving, exploring or shopping.

France accommodates you

France is a very pro-camping country, with a lot of open spaces and ‘free camping’ areas that holidaymakers can choose from. You don’t need to worry about being towed away or like in some other countries: as long as you’re sensible, you can take a break almost anywhere in the country, and even set up some outdoor chairs to eat an evening meal with the family.

There’s plenty to see

You can easily visit the country’s many landmarks and tourist hotspots, either by yourself or in a group, without needing to set aside an entire day in your schedule. This is perfect for anybody who wants to see as much culture and nature as possible, especially if you plan to take pictures during the trip!

They’re easy to find

Campervans are a very popular way to travel, so it’s not hard to find a company that’ll work with you. It’s best to expand your search before you make a decision – looking for the best local campervan hire France can offer isn’t your only option, and there’ll be dozens of hire and rental companies that’ll let you pick up a caravan from your home country instead.

It’s cheap


campervan hire

Arranging a road trip can be quite cheap, but the sheer amount of caravan services around these days makes it easy to get overcharged or locked into an unfair arrangement. Price comparison sites are the way to go if you’re looking for the best deal on your upcoming holiday plans, and campervans are no exceptions!



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