Tips to Plan a Road Trip in Australian Motorbike Paradise


Australia is a huge country with its vast beauties scattered around. Being a local or coming from abroad, you cannot possibly see all of its sights in one go; and as a motorcyclist, your advantage lies in the fact that you can roam free and see as much as it’s possible. But no matter how experienced you are, making a cross-country road trip requires a lot of preparations. Today, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to make your trip one to remember – and be safe while making the memories.


Where to Go


Australia offers some of the best motorcycle routes in the world, and you will probably have to choose between some of them. Unless you feel particularly motivated to try and conquer them all! For example, if you’re after raw coastline, Western Australia is your best bet, together with the Kimberleys and the iconic Outback. Looking for a tropical adventure in the rainforest? Then go to Cairns, and stop by the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney offers the breathtaking Blue Mountains, Waterfall Way, Snowy Mountains and Hunter Valley; if you’d like to cruise the roads along the Great Ocean Road, you know Melbourne is your destination!


Best Motorbike Road Trips: The Great Alpine Road


The Great Alpine Road is for the lovers of versatility or those who aren’t quite sure what it is they want to see on the road. This route is so diverse, it will take you through valleys, mountains, waterways, vineyards, and forests. Your first stop should be Wangaratta, from where you will ride to Metung across the Gippsland Lakes.


The Great Ocean Road


Take advantage of your two wheels instead of opting for a bus tour that would probably leave you exhausted, with only half an hour window for taking a selfie in front of the Apostles! The Great Ocean Road is the most massive War Memorial in the world, and it’s registered in the Australian National Heritage List. Riding the 280 km from Torquay to Warrnambool will offer some of the most fantastic ocean views there are to see in Oz! Apart from the ocean coast, you’re also set to enjoy a rainforest, limestone and sandstone rock formations, and picturesque towns along the way. Prepare your camera!


The Snowy Mountains


In the mood for some serious alpine adventure? The Snowies in NSW are part of the famous Australian Alps. You might have heard of this region due to their popularity when it comes to winter sports, and the four snow resorts you might find there are excellent stops for winter play and relaxation. But this region is also great for motorbike tours. Awesome scenery comes together with glacial lakes – make sure to stop by at least one! The largest one is the Blue Lake in Mount Kosciuszko – mark it on your map!


New South Wales Coast



Coastal views of the ocean in NSW will spark some severe envy if you post images on your social media! The South Pacific will greet you with the sea breeze and fresh, salty air. While the coast and the ocean are beautiful themselves, you can also pay attention to the natural marine sanctuaries and reserves along the coast stretching from Eden to Sydney. This region hosts more than 30 national parks! Some of them are Royal National Park, Jervis Bay National Park, and Ben Boyd National Park.


The Blue Mountains

Another track that’s relatively close to Sydney is the tour around the Blue Mountains. This canyon, the second largest on Earth, is a world heritage landmark, and you will be able to experience its astonishing biodiversity of flora and fauna. Don’t forget to breathe in the sweet eucalypt smelling air, as there is a large quantity of eucalypt forest all over the mountain range. Fantastic rock formations and large waterfalls are just some of the sights you will encounter on your trip.


Things to Remember: Be Prepared


You cannot just embark on an extensive road trip out of the blue. Take some time and prepare your motorbike. Google places on the road where you could make any repairs – but know there won’t be many, so it’s important you start the trip with your bike in the best state possible. Upgrade your tool kit. Take note of any important numbers you might need. For example, Batteries On The Go will be able to come to pick you up wherever you are and fix your broken battery. Definitely worth having noted down in your phone!


Pack Wisely


One of the most critical aspects of planning a road trip is packing. You need as little stuff as possible. Your tank bag should be reserved for the things you will need while riding – think eyeglasses or flashlight. Don’t forget an electric vest and a flat-repair kit. If you’re not sure how to use it, google it first.


Be Safe


This is not a race, so please act accordingly. Don’t even race with yourself or try to break your personal records. This is supposed to be about enjoying the views and the feeling of wind in your hair. Know when to stop, be aware of your condition, don’t live off coffee nor alcohol. Get a rain suit and, all in all, just be careful at all times. Also, think about investing in travel insurance.


Be Healthy


You won’t have access to all the regular health services of a big city, so your health is literally your responsibility. Drink plenty of water, include vitamins and aspirins in your bag, and eat healthy food instead of grabbing pizza whenever you can.


A road trip on your motorbike is probably one of the most amazing experiences you can gift yourself in Australia. Being well prepared in advance and then cautious on the road will make all the differences, and make your trip one to remember and tell your grandkids about. Stay safe, and have fun!