Best Vacation Destinations for Aussies

No matter if you are traveling for a weekend getaway, on a one-week family holiday, or you are heading off to pursue an unexperienced journey, traveling is definitely good for boosting mental strength, building self-confidence and escaping from tedious routines. Many Aussies tend to travel more often to overseas destinations in order to explore the unknown, make new memories and meet a variety of people, so it isn’t a baffling thing that these following vacation destinations are among one of the most famous.


  • Sri Lanka


Even though a flight trip to this exotic island from Sydney is around 10 hours, you are still in for a mesmerizing holiday getaway. Sri Lanka offers miles of beautiful sandy beaches and untamed coral life which is ideal for diving. Moreover, this Indian Ocean gem next to tropical beaches offers fantastic safari tours and tours of their mystical ancient ruins. If you are in for more adventurous holiday, there is Bentota beach that has immense activities from water skiing, deep-sea fishing, kayaking and many more.


  • New Zealand


It goes without saying that New Zealand still remains one of the Aussies favorite vacation destination, not only because of its close proximity but because it has an abundance of activities for you to choose from. Whether you choose to visit Tamaki Maori village in Rotorua, go for a thrilling zorbing, or a breathtaking bungee jumping in Queenstown, you are in for a wild and unforgettable experience. The best thing about going to New Zealand is certainly the fact that you can easily withdraw money from an ATM and the dollar currency is quite suitable for the Aussie visitors.


  • Hong Kong


The place where you can absolutely enliven your spirit and enjoy the craze of flavors makes Hong Kong a must sensory destination. You would need around nine hours from Sydney and Melbourne, but it would undoubtedly be worthwhile. From stunning views from Victoria Peak to bustling Tsim Sha Sui Promenade be assured that Hong Kong will completely surprise you. Also, for relatively affordable tickets you can visit the Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland.


  • Bali


Living the life on the edge is what Bali is all about. Bali’s riveting experience is getting more and more popular with Australian visitors since you can get a good bargain for your money in many resorts. If you are up for magical views, romantic moments and therapeutic vacation then choosing some great accommodation in Canggu on Bali would be the right solution. Immersing in glorious waters, daydreaming under palm trees, and exploring the intact wilderness is what Bali is all about.


  • India


This captivating country has become even more attractive with Aussies, not only because of its food and tradition but because of thousands of brilliant hidden attractions. India has definitely more to offer then only visiting its ancient Buddhist temples and secluded sanctuaries, it has numerous wildlife parks, adrenalin rush mountain biking activities and even walking tours around splendorous forts and palaces. India is also known for providing fantastic shopping expeditions with great discounts, from buying Kashmir carpets to colourful souvenirs in local markets. 

  • Fiji


Another enchanting island with crystal clear waters, Fiji has kept its renowned reputation among the Aussies. Fiji should be the starting point of your dream bucket list vacation destinations. Visit the Beqa Lagoon with more than 100 diving sites, try the traditional art of fire-walking, sip cocktails on floating water bars and many more. Let’s not forget that Fiji is known for being the home of some of the most awe-inspiring Gardens of Eden, one of which is located on Taveuni Island where you can see prehistoric trees and marvellous waterfalls.


  • Malaysia


If you are up for an easy and exotic getaway, then either Penang or Georgetown in Malaysia are the right places for you. From Sydney, you would have to take an 8-hour flight, but you would most surely have a blast. Firstly, experience the distinctive food culture and take the local food tour, then take the tram up to Penang Hill or visit the cities National Park with gorgeous trails and beaches. And the nightlife on this gripping island is more than challenging since they offer many happy hour promotions, so a sensational vacation is guaranteed.


  • UK


Certainly the furthest destination on this list for the Australian travellers, but without a doubt one of the most intriguing. Since you can get a 6 months visa, many Aussies tend to go back and forth to this chilly island. Next to visiting cultural sights and famous landmarks, it is actually pubs, tranquil atmosphere and a great pint of beer that attract the Aussies more than relaxation and comfort. Some of the Australian visitors have friends and families in the UK so they quite often return to this admirable European jewel.


  • Myanmar


Even though you also need a visa to visit this unique Asian country, it has become easy to obtain one fast in Australia. The ideal departure period is from May to August, and that is when you can absolutely experience the splendid weather and completely indulge in scenic mystical Irrawaddy river cruise. Myanmar is a destination for the brave since you can hike to Mandalay’s lost city, climb the summit of Mt Zwegabin or explore any of the stupendous Buddhist temples. Whatever you may choose, Myanmar will not disappoint you.

There comes a time when every single person will head out to a place where they have never been to and get entangled in its beauties because travelling does that to you – leaves you speechless.