Smart Ways to Boost Guest Experience in a Hotel

Running a hotel is not an easy task. Apart from all the responsibilities, keeping up with the ever-changing market can sometimes seem impossible. However, thanks to all the advancements made in the technological field, some aspects of running a hotel have been made significantly easier.

On the other hand, in such a competitive market, hotels need to evolve constantly and try their best to stay up to date with all innovations if they wish to stay relevant. Providing excellent services and boosting the experiences of your guests is one of the ways to stay on the right track. But be careful – your bottom line must not suffer at any moment. So, let’s find out what are some of the ways you can boost your guest experience without hurting your bottom line.

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Offer free wi-fi

Nowadays, it is not only expected to be set up with an internet connection but also with a secure – and, most importantly, free – wi-fi connection. The reason behind is the fact that people are so accustomed to using the internet on various gadgets all the time, so not offering this possibility would simply be foolish. Besides, in your guest’s mind – they’ve already paid for the room, so they expect their internet to be free; if not, they’ll simply look for other, in their mind better deals, i.e. a hotel that offers free internet. This is something that can only positively affect your bottom line because such an offer equals more guests, and more guests equals more money coming your way.

Create an app

While on the topic of internet use, consider creating a smartphone app for your hotel. Since millennials already make the majority of travellers, adhering to their needs is definitely a step in the right direction. By creating an app for your hotel, you’ll make it easier for your guest to find out everything they need to know about your hotel beforehand, without having to contact you regarding every question they might have. Finally, since everyone nowadays is leading a fast lifestyle, you can even combine the app with a self-check-in option and thus allow your guests to make reservations much faster and more easily.

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Consider alternate air conditioning

With the green movement taking the world by storm and altering every aspect of our lives, you should consider upgrading your air conditioning systems. A ceiling fan is simply not enough anymore, but it still is a better option than an old, inefficient air conditioning unit. So, to make your business more green, and thus attract more customers, you should consider installing something in the line of reliable and energy efficient HVAC systems. These systems will pay for themselves in the long run by reducing the amount of wasted energy while still providing your guests with an optimal room temperature. This way you’ll both save money and contribute to saving the environment, which is definitely a win-win scenario.

Take care of your pool

Luxurious hotels pride themselves on offering colourless, odourless and clear pool water. Therefore, rethink your pool water sanitation device if the same can’t be said for the water in your pools. Solutions as a contemporary Sterilight hard water conditioner from UV-Guard will make it possible for you to offer your guests pool water that is safe, clean and residue-free. Therefore, consider upgrading your sanitation system because having a pool that nobody wants to use is bad for your reputation, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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Ask for feedback

Finally, asking your guests for feedback, and actually trying to implement the suggested alterations, is the thing that can set you apart from the rest of your competition. Therefore, determine how you can implement the change suggested and thus boost the guest experience. You can ask your guests to fill in a pre-set form (this will make analysing data easier) or fill in a survey you can send them by mail. Finally, if you decide to implement a suggested change, make sure you let your guests know that they contributed to improving the guest experience in your hotel by sending them a follow-up email. Finally, you can even send a thank-you note or a gift basket to them.

Keep in mind that investing in your business, as well as in your customers – in this case, guests – will bring numerous benefits for everyone involved. So, allow your guests to state their opinion and try to satisfy their needs as much as possible.