The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

The Trinidad Carnival

What is Trinidad and Tobago Carnival all about

Even though other places in the world have made Carnival a spectator sport – this is certainly not the case in Trinidad. Here guests are expected to join in, and you are going to have to dance the day/night away. You are supposed to dance along (“play mas”) with the organized bands playing through the street.

The important dates of Trinidad’s Carnival

The entire Trinidad and Tobago Carnival revolves around the Lenten Season. The dates to keep in mind for next year are likely to be in February, and the final days are when the reveling reaches its peak. This is followed by Ash Wednesday, when people atone for their Carnival hijinks and make their Lenten resolutions.

An island overflowing with excitement

There is far more to Carnival than the last march on Tuesday, because before Carnival Tuesday there is a great deal of excitement on the island as well. Traveling to Port of Spain – Trinidad’s capital city – a few days beforehand is certainly worth your time. There are numerous exciting outdoor parties including the annual steel pan competition (Panorama).

trinidad shaking maracas

Music to power the festival

The music that powers Carnival is called ‘soca’, and as you can expect, the competition for who gets to present the top soca tune of the season is fierce. You can even hear people arguing about it on the street, depending on who they believe should win top honors.

Recovering on Wednesday

Chances are that you will be wrung out like a dishrag on Wednesday if you celebrated Carnival the way it is meant to be done. Rather than leaving so soon, make sure that you partake in a Carnival cool down. For most locals, the spot to go to is Maracas Beach. If you are in Port of Spain, it only takes about a 45-minute drive. This is where the participants come to rest their sore muscles and nurse their hangovers.

Tips to enjoy your Carnival

If you want to make sure that fully enjoy the entire Carnival experience, we have a few tips that you are able to use. Because you are spending a long day dancing on the pavement, you want to make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes. Make sure that you monitor your alcohol intake and drink plenty of water. Make sure to bring your ID, enough cash on hand to get you through the day, and some sunblock. If you are traveling as a part of a couple or a group, make sure that you have plans in case you become separated. Arrange a meeting place for that specific instance. Even though Carnival is mostly safe, do not wander off down dark streets, stay to the road march route.

Booking a cruise to Carnival

As you can imagine, the Carnival is often extremely busy, and getting there might be a little difficult. Why not circumvent that difficulty and let people take care of everything for you by booking a cruise? This not only takes care of your transportation and stay, but also ensures that you are thoroughly entertained on your way to Trinidad.