Why Scenic World Is A Must-See Destination

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Even though it is only two hours from densely populated Sydney, you can find the ultimate Blue Mountains Adventure at Scenic World. From breathtaking views of the World Heritage-listed region to fresh air and stunning native birds, you can find a great deal of excitement at Scenic World.

The Scenic Skyway

You look through Scenic Skyway’s glass floor at the rainforest canopy below. As you glide between cliff tops at an altitude of more than 270 metres directly above ancient ravines. As you look through glass cabin floor, you are going to experience a unique kick that you cannot get anywhere else. There is also solid flooring and seating available for those who are feeling a bit less adventurous. You can get the best views of Jamison Valley, the Three Sisters, and Katoomba Falls as you make the 720-metre journey.

The Scenic Cableway

You can use the Scenic Cableway to explore the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains and appreciate the stunning panoramic views. This journey is about 545 meters, and it descends into the Jamison Valley. You have a unique vantage point in the fully enclosed cabin that offers you sights of Katoomba Falls, Mt. Solitary, Orphan Rock, and the Three Sisters. This is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and steepest aerial cable car.

The Scenic Walkway

The 2.4 kilometre Scenic Walkway is a great way to appreciate the tranquillity of an ancient rainforest. You can travel to the Jamison Valley floor, landing directly into the Jurassic rainforest with minimal impact on the environment. The Marrangaroo Spring offers pure Blue Mountain water and you can listen for the native lyrebird or appreciate the local flora. There are various walk options as well, ranging from as little as ten minutes all the way to over an hour.

scenic world railway blue mountains australia

The Scenic Railway

When traveling on the Scenic Railway, you are traveling on the steepest passenger railway in the world (it has a 52 degree incline). You can overlook the spectacular Jamison Valley and rainforest setting from the glass-roofed red carriages. It is possible to adjust your seated position up to 20 degrees, allowing you to choose your own adventure like never before. You can opt for the ‘laid back’ option, or you can ride at a steep 64-degree incline. You travel through a cliff-side tunnel for 310 meters, before ending up at the ancient rainforest at the Jamison Valley floor.

Great value

You definitely get great value when you visit Scenic World. When you purchase your ticket for $35, you get to ride the cableway, skyway, and railway an unlimited number of times. You receive a wristband that has a chip to allow for easy access.

Because Scenic World offers such great value, you want to continue that tradition and get great value on your stay as well. Fortunately for you, we have made it exceedingly easy to get the best possible deals on a hotel if you are going to stay in the nearby area.

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