6 Ways Travel Insurance Protects You When Travelling Abroad

Travel insurance is something every traveler needs, especially when travelling abroad to foreign countries. It protects you in so many ways by covering many risks. Only some people realise travel insurance’s importance, so they consider it an additional and perhaps unnecessary expense. However, travel insurance makes you feel safe whenever you go. Keep reading to learn more about how travel insurance protects you when travelling abroad.

Travel Insurance

First, it protects you in medical emergencies, such as sickness, injury or accidents, which is why people get travel insurance. However, besides covering medical emergencies, it also covers various situations related to trip delays, trip interruptions and trip cancellations, which are common occurrences. Having travel insurance ensures that you get your money back in such situations. Travel insurance also protects you in cases of baggage or passport loss. If you travel frequently or know someone who does, then you know that this happens often. Lastly, we will share tips on choosing the right insurance for you.

1.   It protects you in medical emergencies

As we already mentioned, this is the number one reason people get travel insurance when travelling abroad – because of protection in medical emergencies. We can get sick or injured when travelling and dealing with these situations in a foreign country can be challenging and expensive. That’s why getting travel insurance is recommended, especially when travelling abroad. You are insured that way and know you are covered if anything happens. It is also essential when travelling to countries home to many poisonous animals, such as snakes and spiders. One such example is the continent of Australia. Also, suppose you are travelling with medical issues, including problems with the brain and spine. In that case, you should get travel insurance to visit a spine surgeon in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or elsewhere, not just Australia.

2.   It covers trip delays

Besides the potential medical emergencies that might happen to you, travel insurance also covers trip delays, which can often happen. Trip delays can cause inconvenience to you in terms of having to change plans, accommodation and wasting money. That’s why it’s good to be insured. There are different travel insurance policies, and they state what kinds of trip delays they cover. So, you should carefully read the policy before signing to ensure it works for you. In cases where your insurance covers a specific type of delay that you experience, the insurance agency will typically reimburse you for the costs of food, lodging and local transportation during the delay. Typical reasons for travel delays covered by travel insurance include bad weather conditions, airline maintenance or civil unrest. The policy also states how long a traveler needs to be delayed to account for benefits.

3.   It covers trip interruptions

As delays can happen, trip interruptions also occur. For example, you can get sick or injured during your travel or have an emergency at home, causing you to cut your trip short. In this case, you might be eligible for reimbursement of otherwise non-refundable expenses. Depending on the travel policy, you can also use an economy one-way airline ticket to home in cases supported by your travel policy. Remember that not all reasons for returning home are supported by your travel policy – you should carefully read it to know precisely in which cases you get reimbursement. If you know possible things that can happen, choose insurance to cover them.

4.   It covers trip cancellation

Another instance of a travel-related issue that can arise is trip cancellation. Even though the prepaid trip deposits are usually non-refundable, you can be reimbursed if your travel policy covers the reason for trip cancellation. It often includes refunding airline tickets, accommodation, car rentals, cruises and various tours. Some acceptable reasons for cancelling a trip include injury, sickness or death of the traveler, their companion or a close family member. Other acceptable reasons for cancelling a trip include severe weather conditions, strikes, job loss after signing the policy and similar things.

5.   It protects you in cases of baggage loss

Another irritating thing that can happen on your trip is baggage loss. Checked baggage often doesn’t arrive at your destination, in which case travel insurance is a lifesaver. Every insurance policy outlines specifically the coverage limits. As this section is often called in the insurance policy, Baggage benefits offer reimbursement in the cases of baggage theft, loss or damage. Each policy states how much money they offer in each instance. There is a difference between lost and delayed luggage as well. The policy also covers your possessions in cases of theft or loss. Your policy also states where to file a complaint and the accompanying documentation.

6.   It protects you in cases of passport loss

Losing a passport while travelling abroad can cause you a lot of problems, it is a nightmare for every traveler. If you have travel insurance that covers the loss of your passport, they will help you obtain a new one, along with other needed documents and cover the cost of a new one. This is quite a handy addition to your policy, and it can save you time, money and nerves in cases of a lost passport or other essential documents. This is one of those things that doesn’t come to mind as necessary, but it can be of great use if you find yourself in that situation.

7.   How to choose the right insurance for you

When it comes to choosing the right insurance for you, you must take your personal preferences, limitations and experiences into account. There is standard travel insurance that works for many people, but those that go a level up can provide you with coverage on so many vital things. This is especially important if you are dealing with some special medical conditions. Also, if you have plenty of travel experience, you will readily find more comprehensive insurance as you know the stress such situations can cause on a trip abroad.

Obtaining suitable travel insurance before you travel abroad is quintessential for a safe and relaxed trip, so you shouldn’t travel without it!