An Australian Road Trip: 5 Top Tips

Imagine the holiday of a lifetime, driving through the Australian landscape visiting places your friends and family have seen, but you’ve never had the opportunity to. We bring you our top tips for making your road trip a huge success.

1. Vehicle

If it is just you and a partner embarking on this road trip, you may wish to consider hiring a small vehicle in which to travel. However, if there are children involved, a large camper van or even a Winnebago might be a better option.

Choosing one which is economical is also an important consideration to avoid spending an excessive amount of your holiday budget on fuel. Do not forget to take into account the amount of luggage you are intending to take with you if you do decide to hire a vehicle.

2. Accommodation

Of course, as mentioned above, there is the possibility of staying in your vehicle if you have the right one. This life is not for everyone however. If you enjoy the great outdoors, visiting camp sites near to the places you intend to visit is a good option. Alternatively, explore the possibility of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts along your planned route.

3. Plan Your Route

Planning the route which you want to take and all the places you’d like to see is a really key thing to do in advance. Of course, things to not always go to plan, so ensure you leave a couple of days free just in case of emergencies or detours. For those who suffer from anxiety or an overpowering need to know exactly what is happening, planning ahead is vital to make your road trip and enjoyable holiday.

Furthermore, it also helps you to know where you are going and what you can do there. For example, if you are heading to the Hunter Valley, use a search engine to find out places to eat or things to do in the Hunter Valley.

4. Budget

Going on holiday can be a very expensive time for you whether you decide to stay local or go further afield. Embarking on a road trip is no different. It will require a significant amount of money for fuel, food, accommodation (there are even costs associated with pitching up somewhere in a camper van), undertaking activities and seeing local attractions. And what is a holiday if you are unable to take home a selection of tacky souvenirs for family members and friends? They need budgeting for too. Of course, there will always be things you have not accounted for and so having a buffer is vital.

5. Pack Sensibly

Although some areas of Australia are deemed to be consistently sunny, we all know this is not always the case. Be sure to pack a range of clothing, including a lot of layers to allow for any sudden or unexpected change in temperature.

Although you will be embarking on a lot of tourist activities, it would be advisable to also take some smarter outfits with you to make sure you do not look out of place in eateries or even night clubs. Most importantly, don’t forget to sort out any medication you might need and sort out repeat prescriptions well in advance.