Gourmet Travel Guide to Sydney – Top Foodie Places

There are a lot of things to do in Sydney considering this is one of the most popular cities in the world. And so, you will have to decide what to remove from your list of activities, and what you should keep and not miss for anything in the world. And having a meal in one or more of its restaurants is definitely a keeper.

And with this gourmet travel guide to Sydney, you will easily find top foodie places which will allow you to meet the culinary scene of the city.

Best vegan restaurants in Sydney

Since Sydney is one of the best places for a foodie to be, of course, it offers diverse cuisine with dishes suited for anyone’s taste. And so, vegans will have a wonderful time trying some of the delicacies here prepared from fresh and organic ingredients in a creative way. Paperbark offers refreshing eucalyptus sorbet and smoked portobello mushrooms in a comfortable and modern atmosphere.

If you like pizza, then you will love the Gigi Pizzeria’s take on this popular Italian dish with a vegan twist without the cheese. If you like Thai cuisine, then Little Turtle vegan restaurant should be your next stop to try their coconut rice and barbecued tofu.

vegan food sydney

Best family restaurants

If you travel with kids, then Sydney has many magical places to experience, including dining out as a family. Acre Eatery makes their dishes from fresh produces cultivated on the Pocket City Farms and offers a wonderful outdoor space where little ones can run and roam freely. Try one of the delicacies of this restaurant like slow-cooked lamb shoulder and pan-roasted sustainable barramundi.

Three Blue Ducks Rosebery is a big restaurant with fresh food and playpen for the children so they are not bored or causing trouble. There is even Ducklings menu specifically for kids with pasta, cheeseburger or barbecue chicken while you can enjoy a British-Indian classic dish of kedgeree.

Best places to dine with a view

With such gorgeous landscapes all over Sydney, it’s a shame not to have the ultimate dining experience and have a meal with an amazing view of the city. The Butler offers par excellence French cuisine like salmon with green apple and pan-seared hanger steak you can have while enjoying magnificent city sights from its terrace. If you want to try some prime seafood while overlooking the ocean then The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay is the best place where you can also try famous Australian oysters.

Of course, dining experience in Sydney wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Icebergs Dining Room & Bar on the Bondi Beach. Here you will have the most perfect lunch while overlooking the waves splashing the outdoor swimming pools and enjoying the sea breeze. East Village Hotel offers a completely different view over the CBD skyline but it is equally breathtaking as the ocean view especially when you are relaxing with the restaurant’s signature fresh mango margarita.  

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Best places to dine with friends

Sydney is a very hospitable city with foodie places all over which offer various cuisine and entertainment for perfect dining with friends. If you want to grab something to eat with your friends and enjoy big screen sporting events, stop by Miranda RSL Club which has a sports bar and menu perfect for a game’s night. Since pizza is tastier when shared with friends, stop by Criniti’s Woolloomooloo which is big enough to host a large group so it’s perfect to celebrate birthdays or other anniversaries.

The Mean & Wine Co is modern and perfect for a quiet night out with steak, ribs and other delicious meals from the grill. During the day, this is a hot-spot for business lunches while in the evening you will see a change of scenery to more casual and upbeat.  

Best restaurants for elegant dinner

You will easily find elegant restaurants to dine in Sydney where you can enjoy an intimate evening with your partner and dress up. Quay is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner overlooking the bridge and city lights in the evening while having seafood specialties like creamy oysters and fish maw.

Another place that will charm you with its elegance of food and space is Bentley where you will try wines from all over the world thanks to their expert sommelier. Make sure to try desserts which are out of this world like frozen pomelo beads on the coconut sorbet which will caress your palate. An intimate French bistro Hubert will bring jazz to your dining in a cozy ambiance while trying some of the chef’s signature dishes like Wagyu tartare with anchovy.  

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This gourmet travel guide to Sydney gives insight on top foodie places with delicious dishes for anyone’s taste. Once you start exploring the Sydney culinary scene, you will discover more spots and build your own list, in the end, to share with loved ones.