The 5 Best Places to Buy Property in Australia

If you’ve ever visited Australia, chances are you fell in love with this amazing country. After all, the place is full of friendly people, beautiful sights and sandy beaches you can’t drag yourself away from. When it comes to buying a property in Australia, there are so many wonderful places you can choose from. And to help you figure out which of these you should opt for, we came up with a list of 5 best places to buy property in Australia.


Mostly because of its hot climate, Cairns has become one of the hottest spots in Australia. Moreover, the number of tourists from China seems to be rising, and if you plan to rent your new property, Cairns is the city to invest in. It’s also important to mention that not too many new buildings have been constructed in Cairns in the last couple of years, which means the need for rentals is only going to increase. If you’re not sure just yet, you might want to take a closer look at beautiful desert beaches and golf courses in this beautiful city.

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Another great place worth buying a property in is Brisbane. It’s another popular tourist destination in Australia and finding tenants for your new property should be a real piece of cake. Not only that there’s a large number of tourists arriving in Brisbane every year, but there are also plenty of people employed in tourism who spend the entire summer in this amazing city. On top of this, spending the winter in Brisbane is a wonderful experience, mostly because temperatures tend to remain pretty high. So, it’s up to you to choose whether you’ll rent your new Brisbane-based property or you’re going to spend your winters there.

The 5 Best Places to Buy Property in Australia


If you want to invest in a city that’s constantly growing, you might want to think about buying a property in Newcastle. Even though this city receives plenty of tourists every year, it’s also a popular destination for college students, since universities in Newcastle keep expanding. With all the students moving to Newcastle and more tourists arriving, we can only expect the value of properties in this city to increase in the future. On top of this, the city is close to Sydney, which is a huge plus, both when it comes to value and attracting tenants.

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Obviously, Sydney is one of the most popular places in Australia. Almost every tourist who decides to pay Australia a visit is going to check out this astonishing place. Not only that there are sights like the famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, but there are also plenty of parks you can relax in. When it comes to buying property, finding a house or apartment worth investing in should be easy. Still, it’s recommended that you turn to experts like those at White Square Properties who will make sure you get the best deal possible.


The 5 Best Places to Buy Property in Australia


People often refer to Melbourne as one of the liveliest cities in the whole world, which means buying a property in it can be a wonderful idea. While there are plenty of young people visiting this city every year, the population of Melbourne seems to be growing, which means there will be more demand for property. This should help you find tenants and get a better price if you decide to sell your property. There are a variety of suburbs in Melbourne, and no matter which of these you decide to opt for, the value of your new property is only going to increase in the future.

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Buying property in Australia does make a lot of sense. However, you should go through all of your options and make sure you’ve found the right place to buy property in before you make any final decisions. If you’re still struggling to make a choice, pay a visit to every potential location out there and you’ll find a place you’re going to love.