9 Incredible Ways To Make Your Event Stand Out

The corporate and business world is filled with events that all look the same. Even though the world of event planning is dynamic, somehow, the majority of event planners follow the same script. But it doesn’t have to be like this if you focus on elements that will make your event stand out. Let’s dive into nine strategies to set your event apart from the rest, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.


Let the invitation set the tone

Yes, the invitation has to serve a purpose, but it doesn’t have to be generic and bland. The invitation is the first point of contact between the event and the guest, so make it personalised. Consider that people love to brag, so they will share the invitation on their social media. Make it unique and personalised, and let it reflect the spirit of your event.


Transform the venue

The venue is one of the most important elements. Even though these venues are designed for events, so decor is beautiful, you’ll still need to focus on decorations. To make the event stand out, it has to have a theme. Even if the event is for a product launch, it can still have a theme that is close to the product and the brand. The event theme will elevate the entire vibe so ensure it leaves a lasting visual impact.


The right entertainment

People go to events to have fun. Whether they want to listen to live music, sip on cocktails, mingle and network, they want to have fun along the way. There are many ways to keep your guests active and entertained, from live music to a great DJ, a photo booth, and other interactive elements.


Hire the right technology

Technology makes our lives easier every day, so you should also integrate innovative technology in your event schedule. For example, you can look up to event planners in Australia who offer photo booth hire Sydney as it helps create a modern and dynamic atmosphere.

People love to take photos at events and photo booths are creative, innovative and unique at the same time. You can also take it up a few notches and hire interactive displays to virtual reality elements and let the right technology enhance the overall event experience.


Curated menu and drinks

Food and drinks are as important as the event entertainment, there’s no denying that. It has to be in line with the event theme and the idea of personalisation, so ensure the dishes and drinks are also personalised. You can add a personal touch by offering a signature cocktail as the welcome drink. When it comes to food, make sure to have a variety of options, from regular, vegan and vegetarian, so you’ll satisfy the taste buds of every guest.


Add in a touch of surprise

An incredible way to make your event stand out is to introduce an element of surprise. The only tuning that will determine the size of the surprise is your budget. You can go large and hire a popular performer to entertain your guests or invite a comedian to deliver a short performance. Elements of surprise create a sense of excitement and keep guests on their toes.


Social media is your ally

The vent is as popular as the buzz around it on social media. Let’s face it: if we haven’t seen it on social media, it’s like it never happened. The idea is to use social media to promote the event before, during and after.

Think of an interesting hashtag and instruct attendees on their invitations to use it. Post a few sneak peek moments using the hashtag before, during, and after the event. Apart from a photo booth, hire a professional photographer to photograph your attendees. You’ll see all those photos shared online after the event, and the buzz will last a few more days after the event.


Let the venue become a topic of discussion

We’ve mentioned that the event has to have a unique theme, but it also has to have a matching venue. So, the venue of your choice has to fit perfectly with your theme. If it’s a well-known venue, make sure the theme differs from all the previous events hosted at the same venue. In case it’s an unconventional space, ensure the theme fits the venue perfectly, and it will make your event stand out.


A swag bag

If you want your event to live rent-free in your guest’s minds, send them home with a perfect swag bag. For example, it can have a printed version of their photobooth photograph and a photo frame to put it in. Just don’t forget to send your guests home with a tangible memory of your event.

When you are planning an event, standing out is not just a goal – it’s a necessity. Luckily for you, these nine ways will help you craft an unforgettable experience. Stay unique and innovative with your event planning strategies; they will be remembered as benchmarks in the industry.