Best Student Cities in Australia

Australia is one of the student’s favorite choices to study abroad. It’s an English-speaking country which makes it suitable for many people, especially for those from North America and the UK. Its universities offer a wide range of careers and the country itself is vast and full of diversity. The hot climate is like an invitation to spend your free time at its many beaches, enjoy the activities like surfing, parties at the beach, and barbecuing. Other than that, there is wonderful nature and animals you won’t be able to see in other parts of the world. Because of all this, you have enough choices when it comes to Australia. Its cities are big enough to offer a modern lifestyle for young students, but they are close enough to the wild nature if you want to escape from time to time from the city crowd. Let’s mention some of the best and most popular cities for students in Australia.

Melbourne for book lovers

Melbourne City Library and State Library of Victoria are the most famous libraries in Melbourne and they are excellent places to start your academic career. The latter was reopened for visitors and it is the oldest and the biggest library in Melbourne. It offers everything for the best student experience since it’s fully equipped with excellent wifi and has both quiet and crowded places. Not to mention its stunning architecture. 

Famous café Mr.Tulk owes its name to the first-ever librarian of the city’s library and offers you good prices and good times. Make sure you don’t only spend your time indoors and get some sun and fresh air at the Royal Botanical Gardens, a beautiful place with a green landscape that would boost your good mood. 

Sidney for ambitious 

This might be considered the most metropolitan Australian city and it has a very desirable mix of excellent universities, the high possibility to get a job, and beautiful beaches and green areas where you can relax and enjoy. Visiting the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge is a must for all the tourists. Other than that take long strolls at Sidney’s wonderful beaches like Bonde to Coogee beach. Don´t forget to explore the amazing nightlife in this city. Go to the Surry Hills if you want something more intimate and Newtown if you prefer something more trendy. Sidney offers something for any taste so enjoy and explore while you´re there.

Canberra for those who play safe

The capital of Australia is the home to the Australian National University which is the highest-ranked one. While the other Australian cities have excellent universities as well, you can’t possibly make a mistake by entering the one that has such a high ranking. Canberra is sometimes neglected by tourists because it remains in the shadow of the more popular coastal cities, but it’s still a wonderful place to be a student. The National Library and Hancock library are great places to study in Canberra and you have plenty of places to try out good food and wine like Lonsdale Street Roasters famous for its coffee and discrete music and Muse, a wineshop-restaurant-bookshop place where you can enjoy handmade books. Don´t forget to visit the National Museum of Australia and Lake Burley Griffin.

Perth for an idyllic mix

If you want a city that is modern but not so crowded and metropolitan, Perth is an ideal option. It offers you a mix of activities in nature and both good culinary and cultural experiences. Although it is the most isolated city since it’s far on the Western coast, it offers enough to be very enjoyable. The University of Western Australia is the highest-ranked Perth university. The variety of careers that are offered to students make this city very desirable since you get to have everything in one place. Other than classic careers like economy or law, there are many others since the university encourages the creativity and social life of the students. You can even major at Perth College of Beauty Therapy. Also enjoy the science museum, Kings park, and wonderful beaches. This could be an ideal option for those who like a little bit of everything. 

Gold Coast for surf lovers

Located in Queensland, this city counts on 300 sunny days per year and has beautiful beaches with golden sand. It even has a suburb called “surfer’s paradise“. Laid back, with a green tropical forest behind the golden sands, this city is for relaxed people who most want to enjoy nature and sports activities. Although it is not among the most famous Australian cities, it is one of the most desirable ones.  It is a very popular tourist destination with many attractions. It has three national parks, amazing waterfalls,  spectacular mountains and many hotels along the Gold Coast. 

If you´re looking for the best city to study in Australia, you might have a difficult time picking only one. Your choice should rely on your interest and willingness to move around. Melbourne, Sidney, and Perth have something for every taste. Canberra is for those who want to try something new since it’s not that popular among foreigners. For the best beach and nature experience, there is Gold coast. Whatever you choose, Australia is a friendly place where you can easily meet people and move around anyway, so you would be able to meet places beyond the city you live in.