Romantic Guide to Adelaide – 5 Things Every Couple Will Adore

Planning a romantic date can be hard. Love is in the air, sparks are in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach, but you suddenly realise that you don’t know where to take your beloved partner.  It’s completely natural to feel anxious and excited. However, that shouldn’t stop you from organising the perfect date. Take a look around you. Is there a more romantic city in Australia than Adelaide?

Whether you live in Adelaide or you just want to surprise your significant other with a weekend getaway, this beautiful city has magical places to offer. Even if you know this magnificent town like the back of your hand, you can always discover something new in its charming and beautiful places.

1. Inspiring food journey

Visit Adelaide’s Central Market for a true gastronomic adventure. Put on your walking shoes, take your partner’s hand and head to the market for the food tasting of your lifetime. You can shop for fresh fruits and veggies, high-quality meat and extraordinary cheese and milk products. This market is every food lover’s dream.

They say that the best way to get to know the city is to follow the locals. Where else would you find more locals than on the best Adelaide’s market? This won’t be yet another market visit. It’s the place where local and international professional chefs demonstrate their cooking skills. It’s a special opportunity to try some international dishes in their best forms. 

adelaide food flowers

2. I think of you “everydaisy” 

Does anything say “romance” more than being surrounded by the world’s most beautiful plants and flowers? If you’re a romantic soul, take your partner to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for a quiet, intimate, romantic afternoon. The fragrant flowers combined with spectacular architecture creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere ideal for sharing deep emotions.

This scenic place is heaven-like for taking photographs. You can pose as a couple or take turns taking lovely photographs of each other. Use pretty flowers and astonishing architecture as an inspiration for original photos. Besides being fun, this activity creates memories that will last for a lifetime. Consider printing the pictures out for a unique anniversary gift your partner will adore. 

3. Soak up the sun-set

Southern Aussie skies are famous for the breath-taking sunsets. Every dusk, the sun paints the sky like a canvas and creates a unique piece of art right before your eyes. You can’t go wrong here. Take your significant other to one of many Adelaide beaches. For a relaxing evening with fruity cocktails in your hands, Moseley beach is ideal for urban sunset watching.

Adelaide has hidden gems to offer as well. Head to the West beach, a secluded area, for a more intimate atmosphere. This beach is a front-row ticket for a wonderful sunset show. Don’t forget to take a blanket and snacks to have a special beach picnic. It’s a perfect opportunity to have a deep, meaningful conversation or enjoy the comfortable silence while the sky is transforming in front of your eyes. 

4. My heart “beets” for you

Is there a better way to say that you love and care about someone than by taking them out for a romantic dinner? Adelaide indeed has marvelous restaurants and concept bars to offer, however, you have to try really hard not to turn this evening into yet another dinner date. So, instead of picking a random restaurant, take your love to one of many wonderful restaurants with the view.

In Adelaide, you can find many amazing restaurants with the view of the entire city and the ocean. There is nothing better than tasty food with a panoramic view. To complete a romantic dinner out, surprise your partner with stunning flowers. You can order an Adelaide flower delivery and have the most magnificent flowers, bouquets, or gift baskets delivered to you. It’s a pleasant surprise that wins and melts your love’s heart. 


5. On top of the world

If adventure is your middle name, Adelaide is the place for you. To spark up the excitement and renew the flirtatious and romantic part of the relationship, explore the city during the calm summer nights while the warm breeze is blowing to your face. The best part of all this is you will be on top of the world! Well, not literally. However, Adelaide offers amazing rooftop night tours that are ideal for lovebirds. 

Climb the local icon with your partner and enjoy the glorious view of the city during the night. Tours like these are guaranteed to soften up even the hardest hearts and dissuade the sceptic. Whether you choose to climb the rooftops during the day or as the sun sets down, you and your significant other will cherish that moment for the rest of your lives. 


With the wide range of activities, Adelaide has to offer, you and your partner will have a blast for sure. Whether you’re the early birds or night owls, this magnificent place provides a little bit of everything for everyone. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you spend your time, the only important thing is to spend it together.