Travelling To New Zealand: Experience the adventures

travelling to new zealand

When you think of the land down under, most people think Australia! Their nearby neighbour New Zealand, however, is probably one of the best travel destinations out there. It has magical scenery, incredible experiences, bustling cities with exciting nightlife, everything you could possibly want in a holiday destination!

We thought you might want to check out just some of the amazing adventures you can have when you visit this island nation!

The freedom of the open road

New Zealand has fantastic, wide, well-maintained highways from north to south, making any sort of travel by road a total breeze! One of the best possible ways to explore the country and see the most breathtaking views is an adventurous New Zealand motorhome holiday!

Why use motorhomes you ask?

First of all, the convenience and comfort of setting your own pace. Want to stop and snap a few pics for Instagram? Sure! Need a nap? No problem, and if you want company there are numerous tours planned complete with pre-booked campsites, tour guides and rental motorhomes available. It’s the experience of a lifetime!

Fancy a fantasy

Did you think we weren’t going to mention Lord of the Rings? It is absolutely impossible to plan a visit to New Zealand without seeing somewhere that was filmed for the now-iconic fantasy films based on the work of J.R.R Tolkein. If you are a lover of films and fantasy, the full-scale set of Hobbiton in Matamata is an obvious choice, but do be aware that the site attracts droves of tourists so things may get crowded.

Another interesting place to visit is the Weta Workshop where you can take a tour and see numerous props, masks, and costumes from films and entertainment media. Away from the hustle and bustle of people are the beautiful natural sites that were featured as well. Mount Doom in Tongariro National Park is a wonder to behold as are the slightly spooky Putangirua Pinnacles.

Sports, sports and more sports

The sheer variety of sports and extreme sports you can enjoy all over the islands of New Zealand is just absolutely staggering. If caving is your thing then you want to check out the Nelson/Tasman region where you can delve into Harwoods Hole, the deepest sinkhole in the southern hemisphere. A seasonal activity involving a cable car and an elastic rope can be fun. Nevis Bungy in Queenstown sport an 8.5-second freefall from the said cable car.

How about a ski trip right after the fresh new snowfall, South Island has more than 20 ski resorts to choose from and some of them have snowmaking machines if you’ve missed the season. What about trying out your physical prowess by jumping in a plastic orb and rolling down a hill, Zorbing is what they call it and it’s great fun. There’s even kiteboarding on Foxton Beach and abseiling into the canyons near Auckland. The list of outdoor activities just goes on and we barely touched the surface in what we’ve mentioned here.