How to Save Money on Your Mykonos Vacation

Picture of Mykanos

Many of us dream of taking a vacation on an island in the Mediterranean, but we feel the cost is simply out of our capabilities. We imagine that only those who make high six figure salaries or who are lucky enough to be born into money can walk the beaches of these high society hangouts.

For example, many people think that a low budget trip to an island like Mykonos, a Greek Isla in the Mediterranean Sea is unreachable for the average traveler. They think that walking on the white sand beaches, partaking in the activities and amenities on this beautiful and unique island and eating the delicious food there, can only ever be a dream for them.

But the reality is that if you plan things out correctly you can take a trip to Mykonos on a budget and have a great time there. So why not save on your Mykonos Vacation

Plan your trip

When you decide to come to Mykonos, you should plan your trip months in advance. Make sure that yo lick the ideal time to come with the right weather but also when the island is not too crowded.

This will allow you to look for cheaper rates on everything from flights to hotels, to even activities. You might be able to find a package deal that groups some of your needs into a cheaper option. Planning is the best way for you to save money on your Mykonos vacation.

Book your flights online

Travel to Mykonos typically is a plane ride to Athens and then either a short flight or boat out to Mykonos. You should book all of your travel particularly flights online at one of the discount travel sites. If you do this with enough advance notice, you can often get flights to Mykonos at up to 50% off their regular price.

If you book out of season when the visitors here are lower, you can save even more money. So plan your trip in advance and book one month ahead of time. This will leave you more of your budget to spend in Mykonos.

Book a suit in a private beach resort

Telling you to rent a private beach resort might seem like it is leading you down the wrong path but the opposite is actually true. You should spend the bulk of your money on where you stay because it becomes the center of your vacation. Many people look for lower budget hotels and even hostels in great vacation spots and end up having a horrible time because the sleeping accommodations are so terrible that other guests are not much better.

Get yourself a great private room in a great resort and you will not regret it. For example a beach resort like the Adorno Suites Hotel at is ideal because it offers great rooms at competitive prices, it has the highest levels of comfort and privacy, it is safe and it is right in the heart of the action. It is the type of accommodations that will make your trip memorable. And you can book early or out of season to get even better prices on one of their suites.

Take in the free activities

The island has lots of free or nearly free activates for visitors. The Adorno Suites has a private beach so sunning and swimming are free to you every day. You also rent jet skis kayaks, or small boats at a nominal cost. These activities can provide hours or even a full day of entertainment. You can also take tours walking through the hills of Mykonos or sightseeing tours of the ancient ruin sites all over the island. A boat to Delos which is that top sightseeing tour destination is also cheap. Here you will see some of the most beautiful and cherished ancient sites in Greece. The temples to Apollo and Isis are here.

You can also rent a bicycle to get you around the island. This will get you some exercise, allow you to see the island up close and personal and with the warm sun and gentle breezes, it will also relieve lots of stress.

Eat Local

Mykonos has great local restaurants serving delicious local dishes that you will not be able to get enough of. Food is the second or third most expensive item on a vacation, so by eating local you can save a good amount and not kill your budget.

Mykonos is definitely a high end vacation destination, but it can also be a budget one if you follow the advice here.