5 Countries in Central Europe Well-Worth Exploring

Want to discover central Europe but not sure where to start? True, wherever you go, you will find a rich cultural heritage and scenic views. Learn a bit about the most popular countries in central europe well-worth exploring before you start planning your exciting adventure.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is widely known for its rich cultural heritage evident in the majestic castles, medieval towns, beautiful cathedrals, splendid museums, and above all its capital, the vibrant city of a hundred spires, the golden Prague. The historic city center is a World Heritage site with is breathtaking architecture, churches, bridges, and cobblestone streets. Local night life offers fashionable jazz clubs, exquisite restaurants and old breweries – some which are known for their excellent beers all over Europe. Choose the buzzing markets, the peaceful national parks or the relaxing spa resorts: you will surely find a match for your holiday expectations.


Vienna used to be the capital of an Empire, and it shows. The wide boulevards, the well-kept gardens, the fancy cafés and the neo-classical architecture obvious all over the city emit a splendor suitable for an imperial center. However, you do not have to travel far to find the colorful, mismatched houses you often see on postcards, or to see the rustic villages and the scenic mountains that are dazzling green in summer and visited by the lovers of skiing and snowboarding in winter. Just relax and enjoy what the season can offer.


Located in the true center of Europe, Hungary is a unique meeting point of east and west, also combining European tradition and modern practices. Whether you are interested in hiking in nature, visiting rural villages or diving into hustling city life, you can find the right activities in the capital, Budapest, or within a short distance. Budapest offers attractions in its various museums, classy “ruin pubs”, and theaters playing even in English, while it is also home to some of the various World Heritage Sites of Hungary. Hungary boasts several UNESCO Biosphere reserves, as well as national parks, while the countless thermal springs offer a refreshing break from the daily rush. There is also an easy way for obtaining Hungarian citizenship in case you have any ancestors from Hungary: you just need to prove that your parents or other ancestors were born Hungarian citizens and have a simple conversation with the Hungarian consul in your country of residence.


Poland has a difficult history that also makes its culture so rich and varied. Here you can find bustling, modern cities like Warsaw and Krakow, monumental castles and ancient museums, but also natural reserves of unspoiled beauty, with lakes, forests, hills and rivers. If you are interested in the history of World War II, there are countless memorials and synagogues you can visit to walk down memory lane. If you are more interested in finding new adventures, the hiking and canoeing opportunities will take your breath away. You can also try the regional foods that will appeal to every palate.


Switzerland is among the most stylish tourist destinations – but it is also among the most expensive, especially compared to other central or western European countries. As a result, it is often neglected by those traveling on a budget, however amazing it is. It offers astonishing landscapes among the soaring mountains of the Alps, with plenty of options for hiking, biking, or skiing – even in summer. Switzerland is prominent in the fields of opera, theater and contemporary art as well as in the production of clockwork, cheese and chocolate. Whether you are looking for entertainment in a traditional village setting or in the bustling city nightlife, you will surely find it.

Select a destination that fits your budget – moreover, set a budget for yourself to avoid overspending. Choose a spot or an itinerary where you can find sights or you are most interested in. If you are not sure whether you want to see more city or nature, select a place where both are within reach. Make sure to have fun and relax during your trip.