Best Ways To Build Your Own Vacation

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Package holidays are often the norm for many families, this is where you get the whole trip organized by a single provider. So you get your travel, accommodation, and in certain circumstances, even your food, drink and activities can be part of the deal. So what’s the downside? Well, it can be tremendously expensive as they have to cover the cost of setting all of this up for you. But if you do a lot of organizing yourself, and build your vacation then it can save a huge amount of money for you.


Transport can be one of the biggest costs associated with your trip and depending on how far you are going there are plenty of options, many of them budget-friendly. So you could choose from rail, flights or even coach travel if it’s available. Now a package operator may not have the flexibility of choosing the best option, they may have contracts to go with a particular provider or just not care about finding the best deal..

Length Of Stay

You will be in complete control of how long you wish to go for, and why not? It’s your vacation after all. This is particularly true if you are looking to visit multiple destinations and even stay in one of them for an irregular amount of time. As package holidays are arranged with the company taking multiple people to the same place then it means that one of the disadvantages of them is that they leave and return on particular dates usually.


You can choose what type of accommodation you like and this gives you the greatest flexibility as it depends on what you want out of your time which type of accommodation suits you best. If you are going to be out and about all day, every day, then spending money on lavish accommodation with lots of features may not be the best idea, you can go with budget hotels or even hostels, this backpacking guide from INTRO Travel gives a good idea about what budget travel is all about. Or if you are spending a lot of time in the hotel you can ensure it’s the type of venue that has what you desire.

Set Your Own Agenda

You can set your own agenda when piecing together a trip yourself. Spend the night in a different venue every night and move around or stick in one area, the choice is yours. You won’t be stuck completely if a provider collapses, such as Thomas Cook did.


It’s not all positive though there are disadvantages to putting together a trip in this manner. If you are looking at the cheapest travel plans then be wary that you are not putting long stop-overs in your schedule or use them to your advantage, spend extra time in one destination you hadn’t planned on. Also thin about how using different companies for travel and accommodation you may not get compensation or accommodating help if a flight is canceled, for example, if you book a package then you will be taken care of usually ion these circumstances. If you are, then make sure you have travel insurance that can help with these issues, should they arise.