6 Travel Hacks to Make Airplane Trips Enjoyable

girl looking through an airplane window

Sounds of films and crying babies, people climbing over you, not enough space for your legs, not being able to fall asleep – all of this can make your long airplane trip exhausting.

If you prepare yourself for a long flight, you could feel well-rested when you land. These 6 travel hacks will help you with that.

1. Food tricks

Being hungry on an airplane is quite uncomfortable. The best is to bring protein-rich snacks like peanut butter, almond, yogurt or cheese to make you feel full longer. If you decide to eat on the plane, opt for spaghetti, or bring whole-grain bread or oatmeal. These foods are rich with carbs that will make it easier for you to cope with jet lag. Increasing the level of insulin eases the transition from one eating and sleeping schedule to another. Keep in mind that flying can make it harder for your body to digest food. So, don’t overeat on the plane – you could feel nauseous. If you need to eat on the plane, keep it light and stick to warm foods if possible because they are gentler for the stomach.

2. Choose your seat carefully

airplane seats

If you want a good sleep, then focus on your seat location. A window seat is a better option – you can lean on something and not be disturbed by people wanting to get out from the row. And you’ll have some control of the window shade. If you’re considering exit row seats or bulkheads because of the extra legroom, think twice. Some exit row seats don’t recline while some bulkhead seats have armrests that can’t be raised. Bulkhead seats are very often reserved for families with kids, so you’ll probably won’t get any sleep.

The last row of the plane is also to be avoided – they may not recline and are too close to the lavatories. In general, sitting at the back of the plane is noisier due to the engines but it’s possible you’ll have more space there because most people will try to avoid it.

3. Sleeping and comfort aids

Even if you usually don’t have trouble falling asleep, sleeping on an airplane is a specific situation. You may want to consider some over-the-counter options like Dramamine, melatonin or Benadryl. Some of them also prevent motion sickness or jet lag. Be sure to test the one you choose a few days before the flight (some pills can have the opposite effect on some people). If you ask your doctor fora sleeping pill, know that some medications can have side effects like hallucinations or memory loss.

Comfort is important whether you sleep or not on the plane. For example, one of the options is getting a practical neck massager. If you want some additional information on the benefits and handling of this type of massager, you can consult experts at Relax For Life. Using a neck massager in a proper way could be a true savior when you have to sit for a long time or when you want to sleep in a comfortable position. 

Your clothes play an important part, too. Sweatpants are the most comfortable for planes because they’re loose and long. You may also want to try out jeans and a T-shirt or leggings and a sweater. Layered clothes will allow you to adjust the temperature of your body according to the temperature on the plane. If you’re cold, you can wear a jacket or take off the sweater and stay in a T-shirt in case it’s too hot.

4. Keep yourself busy

Maybe you won’t be able to sleep through the whole flight, so you batter pack necessities that will provide you with some form of entertainment. You can watch a film on your laptop or even choose to catch up with your work (many airplanes provide free or cheap Wi-Fi). Of course, earplugs are a must in this situation. Your smartphone should be full of music you love but you can also add meditation music that will help you relax (or fall asleep). If you run out of batteries (which is possible on long flights), make sure you have some reading material by your side, like a book or a few magazines. Lastly, you can have fun with your camera and make incredible pictures from 30,000 feet if you’re lucky to get a window seat.

5. Pack necessities

Besides the items already mentioned here, make sure you have a few more which can prove to be useful. They include a battery charger, a toothpaste, and a toothbrush or at least a chewing gum instead, a lip balm and face wipes, as well as a bottle of water. These items will add to your comfort in an airplane.

6. Stay active

It’s important to keep your blood flowing, so every now and then stand up and stretch your legs and arms. Almost every airplane has instructions on which exercises to do so that your body doesn’t get numb during a long flight.

Final comment

view from airplane

Long flights don’t have to be a disaster that makes you feel exhausted. If you prepare yourself, it could go faster than you think. An experienced traveler knows the importance of good preparation and the necessity of following these travel hacks.