3 Things You Must Do When Shopping Like A Local In Australia

Each year, more than 9 million tourists land in Australia. Not only are they lured in by the amazing weather and stunning sites, but the unique shopping experiences entice them, too. Australians love nothing more than to pass the time on a mammoth shopping trip and they certainly do it in style. So, when you’re planning a trip of a lifetime to Australia, here are the shopping experiences that you must try.

Check out the department stores

Australia is well-known for its department stores and is packed full of them. The oldest department store in Australia, David Jones, sells an array of goods, including clothing, homeware, technology, and food. You can even earn rewards by shopping online with them. Target is another well-loved Australian department store that sells everything from beauty products, clothing, furniture, toys, and pet supplies. Big W is also worth a visit when you’re planning a shopping spree in Australia. Owned by Woolworths Ltd, the chain caters to the fashion needs of men, women, and children, while also selling goods for the home and entertainment items.

Clothes shopping is a must

If there’s one thing that Australians love to shop for it’s fashion. The Australian Securities & Investment Commission report that they spend $20.4 billion each year on their fashion habit. But it’s not bog-standard stores that you’ll find dotted across the globe that they pick up their clothes from. Instead, they shop local and opt to get staple items from the likes of Assembly Label and Nice Martin. Meanwhile, more specialist pieces can be found in Sir The Label, Saroka, and Jaggar The Label. So, be sure to visit these stores in your hire car during your trip to Australia for an authentic shopping experience.

Head to a market

Markets are dotted across Australia and each and every one offers a brand new experience. Melbourne, in particular, is well-known for its markets so consider booking a hotel here. It’s currently home to Queen Victoria Market, South Melbourne Market, and Camberwell Sunday Market, among others. You’ll find an array of freshly cooked street food, vintage clothing, jewellery, antiques, gifts, and even cooking classes at these markets, so they really aren’t to be missed during your trip.

Shopping plays an important role in an Australian’s life. As such, when you’re visiting the country, you should embrace all the shopping experiences that are on offer. This includes heading to some of the nation’s beloved department stores, updating your wardrobe, and attending a traditional Australian market.