7 Tips for Having an Unforgettable Vacation on the Gold Coast

Australia’s sunny Gold Coast is truly golden, not only for its mesmerizing sand beaches but also because it has so much to offer to its visitors. Brisbane’s southern cousin is truly a gem, which is why it’s not surprising that, besides being the second most populous city in Queensland, it’s certainly also the second most popular with travellers from all over the world. You can have an unforgettable vacation on the Gold Coast regardless of whether you’re on a family trip or travelling solo – here are some of the things you must not miss out on.

Surf till you drop

It would be a sin not to start this list with the famous Surfers Paradise. As its name suggests, this seaside resort on the Gold Coast is an impeccable surf destination that caters to everyone from beginners to pros. If you’re in the former category, it will be a breeze to find a quick surf course that will have you riding the waves in no time. If you’re the latter, you will have a hard time stopping since the waves are just so perfect. But besides surfing and enjoying the beach, Surfers Paradise offers plenty of shopping opportunities as well as exciting attractions too.

Gold Coast surf

Spend some time in Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads National Park is a much-treasured part of the Gold Coast that would be the perfect day trip for any adventure lover. Burleigh Beach is already a beautiful view in itself, so if you have the chance, make sure you visit it around sunrise or sunset and you will get to take some amazing shots! Animal lovers will not want to miss out on the David Fleay Wildlife Park, while avid hikers have several walking tracks to choose from to see the natural beauty of this place.

Visit one of the mind-blowing theme parks

Visiting at least one theme park if you’re with your family is certainly a must, but even if you’re alone, you don’t need an excuse to have some fun at these places. A visit to the amazing Warner Bros Movie World is a no brainer for anyone who is a fan of DC comics and the like – besides the adrenaline-filled rides, there are also exhibitions you might be interested in and you can run into your favourite characters while strolling around or even catch a glimpse of the Batmobile. On the other hand, if you prefer animation movies such as Shrek, you will have the time of your life at Dreamworld, which is the biggest theme park on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Australia

Check out the lively nightlife

If you’re not too tired after spending the whole day trying your hand at surfing or taking different rides at theme parks, the nightlife is also worth checking out. An event entertainment agency on the Gold Coast is working on making every moment of the night unforgettable. Themed events, high-class nightclubs and exciting cocktails are all part of the package. If any of these are up your alley, make sure to explore the night scene of the city.

Enjoy a 360-degree view

If you don’t have a fear of heights, a must-do when you’re on the Gold Coast is certainly catching a 360-degree view of the entire city, the ocean and the surrounding hinterlands. You can do this at the highest point of the Gold Coast, the Q1 resort building in Surfers Paradise. This skyscraper is 230 meters high and it will give you an unforgettable sight no matter what time of the day you decide to go up. You can choose to go for a climb that will take you up to the SkyPoint Observation Deck – which makes it Australia’s highest external building climb. If this doesn’t make you shiver, go for it!

Gold Coast view

Go out camping

If, instead of the bright city lights, you would like to enjoy the silence of nature, the Gold Coast has plenty of camping grounds to choose from. Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable if you prepare well, and some sights on the Gold Coast are really worth setting up that tent for. Waking up on a sandy beach will make your stay unforgettable.

Adventure wherever you look

From jet boating all the way to hot air ballooning, if you’re one of those adrenaline junkies, you will find that it’s not hard to find a blood-pumping adventure on the Gold Coast. Be it climbing up to the aforementioned SkyPoint Observation Deck or trying sky-diving for the first time with a reliable instructor, adventure awaits on the Gold Coast those who dare to try.

The Gold Coast truly has more than it is possible to fit onto just one list. Adventure lovers will have the time of their lives trying extreme activities, while those who prefer a calm holiday will relax like never before while hiking through the forests. The city offers exquisite entertainment opportunities, so you will never get bored, while the sights will spoil you with amazing photo OPs.

Vacation on the Gold Coast

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