3 things young people must do when visiting The Balkans

Balkans map

The Balkans are an amazing place to visit in Europe with a Gorgeous Coastline, Vibrant Capital Cities and a dark recent yet fascinating history which we can all learn from. With a low cost of living, vibrant nightlife and a laidback way of living The Balkans make a great place for young people to visit. With that said here are 3 things young people must enjoy when they visit The Balkans!

Party in Belgrade

Belgrade in my humble opinion has the best nightlife not only in Eastern Europe but one of the best on the continent. The city attracts nightlife enthusiasts from across the Balkans but on an international level is hugely underrated. Like Berlin a city is universally known for being a place you can party the night away until 10 am in Belgrade you can do the same. What differs though is the variety that this city has to offer, while undoubtedly Berlin is the Queen of EDM music and hipster Ian. Belgrade indeed hosts some legendary EDM warehouse parties but also caters to high-end clientele with an impressive range of Swanky nightclubs (where you will honestly meet some of the most beautiful people on the planet) and also an interesting local scene with plenty of traditional upbeat Balkan style venues. No matter the season Belgrade won’t disappoint, from autumn to spring the nightclubs clubs are in full swing and during the summer time the clubs close down and it’s the ‘Splavs’ (riverboat nightclubs) along the Danube that go wild from night until morning.

Sailing across Croatia & Montenegro

The Adriatic Coastline is something quite special with its gorgeous turquoise waters, scenic terrain and old historic cities perched on the waters. Dubrovnik with its UNESCO Heritage Old Town and Split with its beautiful Diocletian Palace are Croatia’s Mainland highlights while Kotor Bay is Montenegro’s shining star. Kotor Bay a long term stop for cruise ships offering visitors dramatic mountainous terrain and one of Europe most gorgeous Marinas. The Luxurious Porto Montenegro is now the largest yacht berth putting the country on the map as one of the worlds greatest super yacht sanctuary’s.

These Coastal locations are best combined with some of Croatia’s Islands. Hvar & Brac Islands are particularly popular amongst young people looking for fun in the sun. There are so many nice places to visit all close together on the water this part of Europe is best explored via boat. A popular way to travel is to charter a yacht and cruise around the Adriatic Sea stopping off at the places that most suit your travel preferences. To do so visit https://vyra.com/ for some Yacht Charter quotations.

Visit the Lakes

The Balkans has some truly fantastic lakes. The most well-known of all is the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. While these lakes are indeed beautiful Croatia as a whole has become an international tourist destination and naturally, places like this attract far more tourists than they would in any other Balkan country. The same cannot be said about The Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, soon to be renamed North Macedonia after disputes with Greece over its name and cultural representation of the Macedonian Empire. This little Balkan country, however, has an equally gorgeous attraction in that of Lake Ohrid. The Pearl of The Balkans as it is known receives a small number of international tourists but it is absolutely delightful! Lake Ohrid features rustic beaches, an interesting old town, friendly locals and great local dining opportunities. Another place we must mention is the gorgeous Lake Bled in Slovenia. While I would recommend visiting the other lakes during the summertime, Lake Bled is most magical when covered in snow. With snow-capped mountains in the background, the lake iced over and snow on the gorgeous little island and church located in the centre of the lake, Lake Bled looks like something out of a fairytale! Try comparing hotels to get the best prices around.