Travel and Study Tips for Adventurous Students: A Semester in Australia

There is a good reason why everyone wants to study in Australia. First, it boasts top-of-the-line universities and campuses filled with captivating people from every corner of the globe. Second, it is a drop-dead gorgeous country that will keep on giving for as long as you have the will to explore it. If you get a chance to spend at least a semester in Australia, here are some neat travel and study tips for adventurous students.

You will be spoiled for choices

Major cities dot the coastline and most of them – including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth – have some of the best universities in the world. You are definitely going to be spoiled for choices, but you should find comfort in the fact that there are no mistakes whatever you choose. While Melbourne is one of the top university cities in the world and Sydney follows closely, each city offers a unique urban experience and a university life that is a cut above most others around the world. Out of 100 best universities around the world, 8 of them are from the Land Down Under.

Familiarize yourself with all things Australian

A country that is geographically a bit separated from the rest of the world is bound to have its own set of quirks and idiosyncrasies. Learn as much as you can about the continent, its people and culture before you embark on your academic journey. It will render your integration easier and make all the adventuring even more exciting. If you’re coming from a different cultural background that has somewhat diverse cornerstones of education than the ones offered in Australia, you can look into reliable SACE notes or take extra courses in Australian history and culture, to get you up to speed with the “groove” of the Land Down Under.

Multicultural mecca

Since Australia is so popular among students from every part of the globe, its universities offer a rich array of programs for enrollment. Naturally, this means that campuses are brimming with a diverse population of diligent students that come from surprising backgrounds. This is a perfect place to forge new and unexpected friendships. It is also a top-notch environment to expand your horizons and mature as a person, as nothing puts you in the right perspective as listening to a staggering assortment of stories that these students “weave”. Your mind will become a rich tapestry indeed.

In addition, the culinary landscape of Australia is one of the richest ones in the world. Since the country is comprised of residents that originate from pretty much every nation on the planet, their ancestors have brought their own brand of “traditional” meals and cooking. In other words, this is also a premier place for students who are adventurous eaters as well.

Adventures ahoy

Australians themselves are laid-back and welcoming, but they are also go-getters and adventurers. Over the decades, they have created a complex infrastructure of roads and highways that spread across the countryside like a cobweb. They have also developed a rich culture of surfing and road-trippin’, so if you plan to assimilate, you’d better take on the heavy burden of partaking in such activities. The selection of interesting locales is too broad and dispersed to be properly covered, but if you have a merry band of friends, all you need to do is rent a car and just drive off into the sunset. You all have driving licenses, of course?

The coastline that wraps the continent is not only a home to gleaming cities, but quaint towns and beautiful beaches as well. The hinterland is an interesting patchwork of landscapes that range from lush rainforests to spectacular arid plains. The Outback is a major selling point for adventurous youngsters – a place where you can test your mettle and witness some of the most awe-inspiring feats of nature in existence.

Therefore, if the conditions allow you to expand your academic escapade in Australia, you should definitely grab the opportunity. People rarely get a chance to study beyond the borders of their own country, let alone in such a healthy, scholarly environment such as Australian universities. The fact that the countryside is beautiful and ripe for some brave exploration is definitely a welcoming bonus!