Perfect Travel and Retirement Destinations for the Elderly

Perfect Travel and Retirement Destinations for the Elderly

The elderly are the most prominent group among travelers. The main factor that contributes to this state of the tourist community is the absent burden of responsibility. Most elderly citizens of the world are retired and they are often the proud parents of self-sufficient adults. If you count yourself among the lucky ones that have accomplished such goals and you have enough time on your hands to roam the world in search of ideal escapades, here are the perfect travel and retirement destinations for the elderly.


Ah, Italy; the cradle of western civilization! This gorgeous Mediterranean country is a picture-perfect destination for sensible souls with artistic affinities. The climate is perfect and the food is impeccable. It has been a widely known and accepted fact that the regional diet is one of the main contributors to the longevity of Italians. All of these factors add to the overall image of the country that is not only a wonderful destination, but a perfect retirement backdrop to boot. Alluring landscapes of Tuscany and stunning antique cities await the eager elderly travelers!


Baby boomers – the generation born roughly between 1946 and 1964 – appear to be in love with Hawaii. Statistics show that this is a preferred destinations for many American and, indeed, worldwide travelers with means. Tropical climate, serene beaches and the laid-back attitude of the locals is what makes it such an enticing destination. It also boasts numerous top-notch retirement homes. In addition, the mere fact that everyone in Hawaii speaks English – the universal language of the modern world – is a big plus.

New South Wales

While we are on the topic of universal languages, Australia is also not too shabby of a destination for elderly travelers. Of course, “not too shabby” translates to “absolutely spectacular” and brimming with interesting things to do and see. New South Wales and Victoria are particularly popular destinations as they boast a pleasant climate as well as lush and diverse hinterland. Naturally, the spacious coastline and inland of New South Wales are home to retirement villages with a generous layout. Since space is not an issue in this corner of the world, this area is a good candidate for retiring if you are into comfortable and customizable retirement house plans.


a property in new south wales


Just like Hawaii, Florida is very popular among retirees and you wouldn’t be mistaken if you called it an elderly central. This is an exciting prospect as the urban hotspots such as Miami and Orlando give you a chance to meet and greet numerous peers. In other words, this is an excellent destination for social butterflies. Orlando is also a beloved location among children due to a little-known highlight known as Disney World. This opens up a world of possibilities for grandchild-grandparent adventures and dynamics.


Many elderly around the world consider retiring in Spain. Both public and private healthcare is available to foreigners, with minor restrictions, and it is a vast and stunning country known for its breathtaking architecture, adventurous cuisine and laid-back culture. The icing on the proverbial cake lies in the fact that it is surprisingly affordable when compared to other premier European countries. If, after your visit, you are seriously considering retiring here, look into the city of Alicante. It packs one hell of a punch – charming beach, nice locals, the vibrant historical old town and very affordable accommodations.