How to Make Camping More Comfortable

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Camping is one of those little pleasures you either love or hate. Being surrounded by trees, animals and insects is an integral part of every nature outing, but you don’t have to camp like a Spartan in order to have an authentic wilderness experience. So, here are a few ways you can make your camping trip comfy and cosy.

Pick the right tent

First things first, pick the right tent for your needs and weather conditions. Most campers are more than happy with three-season tents that are perfect for all moderate temperatures of spring, summer and fall. They are airy and lightweight which is especially good if you’re backpacking. But, if you’re camping in an extreme climate, four season tents should be your choice. Another thing you must pay attention when choosing a tent is the size. Keep in mind that a three-person tent often struggles with sleeping three people and their things. So, if comfort is your main aim, pick a tent that is labelled for more people than you actually need.

Make your bed


If you really want to get cozy, make sure you have a good sleeping setup. What you need for a comfy bed is a sleeping pad and air mattress or cot which will all help keep you of the cold and hard ground. There are different types of pads from self-inflating to air sleeping pads to closed-cell foam ones. All options are comfortable, warm and lightweight, so you really have no excuse not to get one. In order to further boost your comfort, get a good sleeping bag with the appropriate temperature rating for your climate. A sleeping bag will provide you with more warmth than a thick blanket and is much easier to pack and carry.

Prepare for siestas

After a day spent hiking, cycling or frolicking, you want to chill out and unwind before you hit the hay, so you need to have some comfy chairs at hand. Camping chairs come in all sizes and shapes, some of which are inflatable for ultimate comfort and lightness. A hammock is also super cosy and perfect for light naps. Many people even choose to sleep in them instead of getting a tent, so if you’re camping in warm climates, this is something to consider. However, rope hammocks can be very heavy and will take half of your backpack, so make sure to check out lighter versions like campers-favourite Sea to Summit nylon hammock. It’s super light yet sturdy enough to carry 300 pounds, and if you equip it with a bug net, you’ll have your private cocoon of comfort!

Bring the treats

If you have had a hard day on the track, the best way to cheer up is to eat some tasty food. So, pack plenty of comfort foods that will make you feel like you’re home. Having a heavy-duty cooler at camp is a great way to always have cold and fresh supplies. Also, don’t forget to pack a grill or camping stove for warm meals that will keep you toasty in the evening.

Stay safe

first aid

Even the smallest of injuries can become a problem if left untreated. So, make sure to pack a first aid kit with painkillers, allergy meds, gauzes, plasters and disinfectants—these are a must. There are also many other things a good first aid kit needs, but don’t even think about heading into nature without the items listed above.

Bring plenty of insect repellent

There’s nothing cosy about bug bites, so packing plenty of insect repellent will make your camping trip tolerable. A bug spray with DEET or other insect-repelling chemicals is what you need, especially in heavy insect areas. You might also want to invest in mesh for your tent and hammock.

Bring extra supplies

It’s always better to return some supplies home than to stay without food, water or dry clothing. So, take a little extra just in case. Nature is unpredictable and you can never know what kind of weather or accident might befall you. Also, you might like it so much that you want to stay another day. That’s what being comfortable means, being able to follow your heart and run with ideas as they come up.

If you do it right, camping can become a passionate hobby and an experience to remember. So, make your trip as comfy as possible, and you’ll want to return to nature again and again!