Holiday Rental: How to Turn It into a Guest Magnet

Amenities make or break an accommodation. A higher range of premier amenities usually come with a better hotel rating on a pre-set ranking system, and this is an order of things most people have gotten used to. Because of this, renowned hotel chains can surprise you with unexpected perks and gifts every now and then, but when it comes to holiday rentals, pretty much everything is a delightful surprise. However, this carte blanche setup doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have standards. Here’s what you need to do with your holiday rental if you want to turn it into a guest magnet.

Guest management

The essentials

Every holiday rental worth its salt needs to be equipped with basic amenities right out of the gate. First of all, toilet paper, shampoo, towels and soap should be purchased first since they are what you’d call “non-negotiable” items. Just put yourself in the shoes of the clients – after a long and arduous journey coupled with several layovers and a taxi ride, some toiletries would come in really handy. It would also be neat if you secured a reasonable supply of sugar, salt and pepper for your visitors. You should even consider throwing some other spices to the mix, such as curry, paprika, basil and oregano. These are some of the most common spices every kitchen should have.

Consider welcoming them with a food basket

In addition, you might want to consider adding a luncheon-basket to the mix, simply because the new arrivals are not familiar with the layout of the destination yet, so they won’t know where the nearest supermarket is located. This is also a prudent move if you are expecting your guests on Sunday, when pretty much everything is closed for the weekend. However, you should not only think about food, you should also consider an elemental beverage as well.

syunning kitchen

The “universal” water

Drinking water is hard to come by these days and many tourists are forced to purchase bottled H2O while they are travelling. Imagine how enticing your holiday rental will be if you add “a cutting-edge water filter” to the list of marketable perks. The proliferation of eco-technology means that it is becoming financially feasible while still lending that sense of “prestige” to the household.

This means that getting an affordable reverse osmosis water filter can do a lot for your rental’s appeal in the eyes of potential customers. This device will remove all the characteristic odours and tastes from the municipal water, and this taste neutrality will especially be appreciated by traveller’s that have come from afar.

Extra linens

It goes without saying that your linens should be washed, dried and ready before the guests arrive. You might even use a special emollient for such an occasion, which is definitely a nice touch, just don’t forget to put extra linens into the closet or an armoire! While new arrivals are settling in, clumsy accidents can happen every once in a while so extra linens can be true lifesavers. Think of them as a precaution and don’t forget to leave a note in the bedroom, informing the clients of where the extra linens are placed.

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Bonus stuff

Apart from the essentials and the overall setup, you can add a few details here and there, bonus stuff that can truly surprise your clients in the most pleasant of ways. If hotels can do this, why wouldn’t you? For example, several bottles of renowned local beverage – beer, wine or champagne – would be a nice welcoming gesture. Additional toiletries, board games and even something grand and recreational such as bicycles will certainly make your guests significantly happier. In fact, offering your guests a couple of bikes in the garage might even make them ecstatic.

When it comes to costly bits of amusement, such as entertainment zones with flat TV screens and consoles, these are not obligatory and their addition to the rental depends heavily on the type of accommodation you are running. If the tourists have come to your hometown in order to enjoy the great outdoors, chances are these elaborate entertainment zones are a superfluous investment.

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The private accommodation market has been skyrocketing over the last decade or so, which means that you need to step up your game. It’s a competitive global landscape filled with potential customers that have become spoiled for choices. However, by following the advice outlined above and with a pinch of creative imagination, you can turn your holiday rental into an accommodation to die for!