Bondi Beach Adventure

bondi beach adventure

Many people are already aware that this world’s renowned beach has numerous thrills and excitements to offer for people of all ages. No matter when you plan your next trip to Sydney, you can visit the golden sands of Bondi beach at any time. Whether you simply want to go for a relaxing stroll, surf, swim or just chill out on a grassy knoll, Bondi has it all. Indulging into fun adventure has never been so easy, here are some great things that you can do at this fantastic beach.

  • The mesmerizing festivals


There is nothing better than chilling in the sun and sipping cocktails during the day and experiencing true beach’s wonders during the night. Bondi beach is, amongst many other things, famous for festivals. In September there is the one-of-a-kind Festival of the Winds, which is Australia’s largest Kite Flying Festival. Young and old would certainly enjoy this unique extravaganza. Then, along the shorelines from October to November, you can witness the magnificent Sculpture by The Sea festival. And let’s not forget the dazzling annual City to Surf fun run. Even if you are not much of an athlete, you could still meet and greet great people.


  • The classical Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk


This coastal walk is one of Sydney’s scenic attraction. You can start the walk from Bondi Iceberg ocean pool and head out all the way through Bronte. It will take about 4 kilometers and approximately two hours of slow walk, but it will be worth it. You can even go alone for a walk, you’ll have a chance to think, brainstorm about some life-changing ideas or just set your mind at ease. Through this trail, travelers will be able to see stunning cliff tops, cafes, diverse restaurants, and picnic spots. As you walk along the beach, you will feel the mild and serene breeze, which would make this walk pleasant and enjoyable. If you go for a walk at sunset or sunrise, you will experience Bondi’s true beauty.


  • Sun and fun


When we hear the word “beach” we immediately think about sun, sand, and sea. Bondi beach is the perfect place to escape from city’s hustle and bustle and just relax. During summer, girls can’t wait to head out to this beach to sunbathe and have some fun. You might not have known this, but Bondi actually set the world record for most bikini girls on the beach in 2007. So, it can be rather easy to meet a nice girl and even fall in love. If you end up finding a soul mate on Bondi beach, just make sure that you consult professional migration agents in Sydney, who would help you sort out any necessary papers.


  • Surf and Turf


If you were wondering where could you get delicious foods, perfect and friendly service, think no more! Next to innumerable fancy restaurants, where you could try out juicy and savory seafood and other specialties, Bondi beach has many local fast food stands. By local we mean natural and even organic produce from whole Sydney. Plus, every Saturday there is weekly Boni’s farmers market. Get up early in order to grab delicious and popular Mr. Bao’s steamed buns and sit in your favorite grassy spot and indulge yourself. You will also be able to meet the producers and pick out all sorts of locally made gifts such as jams, herbs, honey, and olive oil.


  • Learn the ropes


Bondi beach is simply the greatest place to try out many new sporting activities. For all the thrill-seekers coming to visit Sydney, they can’t miss out on surfing in Bondi’s blue waters. If you are a novice, it might take a day or two to learn the ropes, but you can get a lesson from expert instructors. What’s more, you can have a private lesson and learn to surf like a pro in no time. On the other hand, if you wish to stick to the land, there are various entertaining sporting games and activities as well. Beach volleyball is great to get active outdoors while staying dry. There is even a classical volleyball court located on the shore near the end of Hall street. In the end, you can always grab your roller skates, and ride along the fabulous cost.


  • Lively bus tour


After a long day on the sun, and not having the opportunity to see all the marvels that Bondi beach has to offer, you can go on a bus tour. See all the neighboring suburbs around the beach, North Bondi, and the exclusive harbor-side suburb of Rose Bay. You can continue the ride on a hop-on-hop-off city bus tour and head out to see Sydney’s landmark sites like Sydney Opera House. You will be able to experience the true wonders of both Bondi beach and Sydney all in one go.


Don’t dwell much about it, and discover all the beauties and activities that this enchanting beach gem has to offer.