5 Tips to Organise a Perfect Business Trip to Sydney

If you have to travel on a business trip, then you know that it takes more than packing to organize everything. One of the important factors that you have to think about is the location since you will have to research your destination in order to organize yourself better. However, big cities like Sydney may seem complicated because of their size but are actually perfect locations to go on a business trip to.

Sydney is one of the most popular destinations in Australia since it offers an abundance of places to see, things to try and amazing food that fits everyone’s taste. Therefore, you can have a perfect business trip to Sydney considering its rich offer, but all you need is to organize well and create an efficient schedule. Here are some tips on how to do it and not miss anything important, whether it’s business or free time you can spend enjoying this beautiful city.


  • Plan before you do anything else


Sydney is big and even though you travel there for work, you can still spend your free time sightseeing and enjoying the city’s cultural offer. That is why the key to organise a perfect business trip is planning before you arrive in Sydney with help of Internet research and friends’ suggestion.

Make a list of current events in the city like film festivals, concerts and exhibitions that you can visit and buy tickets online. Also, make reservations in the restaurants you would like to eat, but also make room for some of the tasty street food like Bondi Farmers Market or Paddy’s Night Food Market.

Sydney culture


  • Places to see


Sydney Opera House is the landmark of the city and you can easily see it while walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is also an excellent spot to take a good look at the whole city and that is quite a sight at sunset. Although markets are great places to try the international street food, you can also buy handcrafted items and maybe even get a tarot reading. The Blue Mountains is outside the city, but there are many organised tours to visit this green haven and rock climb, visit a waterfall and ride bicycles.

Royal Botanic Garden is a 30-hectares space with more than 9,000 species of plants and home to many birds right in the heart of the busy city. Sydney Tower Eye is another way to take a look at the whole city from quite a height, but well worth the view. Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum will take two hours to see and you will get great pictures of famous actors, singers, and politicians, as well as imaginary characters like Wolverine. Art Gallery of New South Wales offers exhibitions from Asian and Aboriginal artwork, but also it organises music and theatre performances.  


  • Time at the ocean


Besides all the cultural venues, you can’t come to Sydney and not visit its beaches. After all, surfing is one of the main water sports here and it would be a shame not to try it. Bondi Beach is full of surf shops where you can rent a board and take lessons from locals. Snorkelling is also fun with the possibility to see a sea dragon, octopi, cuttlefish, gropers and many more on Shelly Beach, Bare Island or Gordon’s Bay.

Since Sydney has a paved walkway that connects its beaches together, you can take an afternoon walk from Coogee to Bondi and stop by coves, cemetery and cafés. If you want to see humpback whales, then Sydney is the right place to do so since it’s on their migration route.      

Sydney business trip


  • Find an appropriate accommodation


When you look for a place to stay, it’s best if you look for an accommodation that is close to Sydney Central Business Districts, or St Leonards train station. That way you will be close to the business and financial centre of the city, but also within reach to stores, restaurants, and cultural programs. However, find executive suites in Sydney since they have an office space beside the resting area which is perfect if you have to do some work while in the room.

Before booking an accommodation, make sure it offers unlimited Wi-Fi connection, ironing service for your shirts and a desk where you can work. It’s not a bad idea to check where you can buy coffee or late night snacks if you have to work long hours. All in all, don’t neglect to find the best place to fit your needs since that will facilitate your stay in the busy city like Sydney.



  • Fine dining in Sydney


Sydney is heaven for foodies, and no matter your budget, you can find excellent cuisine anywhere in the city. Most of the restaurants in Sydney need reservations, but you can make those online or ask your business associates to do it for you. Farmhouse Kings Cross is an amazing place to take your clients and enjoy dishes that are served family style.

On the other hand, Baxter Inn is a prime whiskey bar with a saloon that will be perfect for casual business meetings. If you want to try some international cuisine, visit Mamak a Malaysian food restaurant with authentic dishes. To try Sydney’s famous desert Snow Egg, you must go to Quay a restaurant of modern Australian cuisine and amazing view on the Circular Quay.

All in all

Organising a perfect business trip can be demanding but Sydney is one of those cities that are perfect for work and travel. With so many things to see and do, it’s better to have a list and make all the reservations beforehand. Just remember to find an accommodation that will make it easier to arrive anywhere in the shortest time and book tours with guides to enhance the sightseeing experience.