Travelling as a Student: Best Locations in 2019

What every student strives for is the end of a demanding and hard-working school year and then finally packing up the suitcase and heading off for a long-awaited summer trip. Even though many students tend to have and live on a tighter budget, travelling as a student to some of the world’s marvelous places can be rather thrifty..

Travelling as a student

Some places might be extremely frugal, which is great for every students pocket, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have thrilling and educational experience. Actually, many of the world’s greatest locations can be economical and pretty luxurious as well. At Compare and Choose we provide low cost holidays to suit your budget where ever you happen to be travelling.

Bangkok, Thailand

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Those willing to experience exquisite culture alongside magnificent temples and monuments, and still keep an eye on their budget, might want to pay a visit to Bangkok, Thailand. Not only is it a budget-friendly destination, Bangkok offers something for everyone. From quiet and mysterious Buddhist temples to bustling and hectic streets and nightlife. Another popular name for Bangkok is Venice of the East, so you would have a possibility to explore its enchanting canals in a unique long-tailed boat. What is more, one of the world’s largest market spread over 27 acres, Chatuchak weekend market, offers a splendid feast for all your senses. You will have the opportunity to enliven your tastes with a wide variety of spices, colorful carpets, and foods that you must try.


Bali, Indonesia

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Most surely one of the Indonesians jewels, also known as the island of a Thousand Temples, gives every student a chance to discover its white sand beaches and untamed savannas for a reasonable price. You can visit the Ubud Sacred Monkey forest sanctuary where you would have a rare chance to have a close encounter with these cuddly creatures. Also, for those who are feeling even more adventurous can go snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon near Padangbai village, try a quad bike ride up to Mount Kawi or go sightseeing some of its sacred temples. If you are focused on keeping your trip entirely frugal, for example, you can gather a group of friends, check the residence Seminyak for its deals and special offers, and have a luxurious holiday altogether. Bali is definitely a noteworthy destination not only because of its lavish landscapes, grand ancient ruins, and bazaars but because of the ample choice of activities that will not disappoint you.

Marrakesh, Morocco

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Students who are intrigued to visit this distinguished North African country are in for a real treat. First of all, it is most surely one of the fantastic budget getaway locations, as long as you don’t go barging with the pushy local salesman trying to sell you pumped up things. Secondly, you can easily find a fantastic hostel furnished with red-brick and green-tiled rooftops, billowing curtains with outstanding views overlooking Medina to the Atlas mountains. A colossal market, beautiful mosques, and palaces provide just a hint of what awaits you in this flabbergasting town. If you are a thrill seeker you can indulge in a traditional Arabian night offering a 10001 feast, with its classic dishes, acrobats, and belly dancers. Let’s not forget that you can go on a camel ride through outlandish, but unparalleled Sahara dessert, which makes Morocco a unique adventure.

Cape Town, South Africa

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Another African gem, which might not be the cheapest option, but which will certainly give you a value-for-money action-packed experience. Cape Town is overflowing with adventure, culture and culinary arts. Visit Table Mountain in the morning with a cable car to see the early sunrise will leave you breathless, then head off to a notorious Robben Island which is a landmark that stands as a reminder of South African’s troubled history. A bit more adventurous thing to do is to go mountain biking through this magnificent country, you can go to the wild coast, visit the castle of Good Hope, head out to Garden Route and of course finish up with a bus tour to the safari. Just bare in mind that you would need at least four hours drive to nearby safari, but it will be worth the trip without a doubt.


Lisbon, Portugal

If you are up to visit one of Europe’s most riveting countries, then there is nothing better then planning a visit to Portugal. This ravishing European country is surprisingly undervalued which absolutely contributes to the thriftiness of its tourism. Many people are not aware of its authentic marvels, and thus it makes Lisbon a great frugal city to visit. Local restaurants and coffee shops are incredibly affordable which opens up the opportunity to save some money, for instance, and perhaps go backpacking to neighboring Spain or France.  However, Lisbon will not let you down since you can blend in with the locals, sit in a café overlooking some of the town’s ornate castles, listen to Fado music and sip renowned Portuguese wine from some of the UNESCO protected regions.


The issue of money should not be a barrier or a determining factor, because nothing will compensate for the extraordinary life experience that you would get. Travelling as a student puts your ingenuity and resourcefulness to the test, and there is no greater feeling than going to a remote and awe-inspiring place that you have never been to.