How to Get the Most out of Your Staycation Experience


It seems like there are two kinds of people: the ones who love to travel and the ones who are wholeheartedly into the idea of a staycation. If you’re in the latter category, then you know what a joy it is not to have to deal with traffic jams, delays, jet lags and exhaustion and how to enjoy the comfort of sleeping in your own bed.

If you’re looking for strategies to enhance that experience, here are some ideas how to turn your staycation into a time to be savoured and remembered.

Getting the house ready

Like every great travel adventure, a staycation requires good planning in order to be successful and satisfying. One of your primary preparations should be getting the house cleaned. Hire a house-cleaning company to get the work done while you go out and buy a few things you might need. With all the dishes done, windows and floors washed and bathrooms smelling fresh, you’ll feel as if you were in a 5-star hotel.

house with swimming pool large

If you’re taking this whole thing really seriously and you have a lot of time ahead for planning, it might be a great opportunity to finally build that swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of. It may sound expensive, but with affordable fibreglass swimming pools, you’ll get your dream pool without breaking the bank. Manufactured to the highest standard, durable and resilient, flexible in size and design and made to withstand all weather conditions, you’ll be able to have the best amenity possible in your own backyard to serve you well on many staycations to come.

Designating duties

One of the best things we all enjoy on a vacation to a resort or a hotel is room service. Rarely anything beats that feeling of comfort and satisfaction than when someone brings you a tray of fantastic food to your room. So, why not have this at your staycation as well? If you’re staycationing with your partner, make arrangements to swap days when you serve each other room service.

Linger in your cosy bed, turn on the TV or read a book while the smell of lovely breakfast and coffee, prepared by your significant other, reaches you from the kitchen. And you don’t even have to lift a finger!

woman with feet up large

Giving attention to details

As the saying goes, the devil’s in the details, so take your time before the staycation to gather up some things that might contribute to the vacation vibe. For instance, buy interesting souvenirs that you’ll use during your staycation, such as a pair of cool coffee mugs or T-shirts of your town to later remind you of your week off.

Add some thoughtful and pretty details around your home to freshen up the look: new bedsheets and pillows, a vase with flowers or new candles.

Planning dinners and cocktails

Use this opportunity to plan your indulgent dinners and make an effort to cook together and try something new. Splurge on the food you prepare at home and prepare luxury meals at least every other night. Complement it with a really fine wine and candles, or play with new cocktail recipes to spice things up.

kitchen showing utencils large

Taking photos

Just like on a regular vacation, take a lot of photos. The house that you’ve spruced up for the occasion is your staycation background and deserves to play a leading role in your photos, just as much as a tropical beach or a luxury resort would do. Record all the great moments when you’re lounging around the home, sipping on your favourite drinks and snacking on your favourite food. Capture the moments when your partner, spouse or child is napping in the backyard by the pool or laughing at the latest joke while sharing a meal with you.

With these clever little tricks, you’ll be able to organize a staycation of your dreams that will surpass any week on the beach or a mountain adventure!