The Essential Holiday Accommodation Amenities Leisure Travelers Love

Leisure travelers, they can be difficult to figure out at times. Contrary to their business counterparts, leisure travelers have their unique demands, wishes, and expectations that the hotel industry often fails to recognize, meet, and capitalize upon. The same can be said about holiday rentals and private properties that, more than other types of accommodation, are expected to radiate that chill, vacation vibe that would appeal to the modern guest.

Fortunately, the basic amenities that would appease and satisfy this unique demographic aren’t necessarily expensive or out of this world, as plenty can be achieved by combining the right decor solutions with the best management practices in the hospitality industry. Here are the essential amenities you want to introduce into your holiday rental or hotel rooms in order to appeal to the modern leisure traveler.

Arriving to a clean, organized setting

Cleanliness and meticulous interior organization are the two elements of great accommodation that can make or break your entire business in the long run. Simple as that. Leisure travelers are going on vacation to escape the chores and challenges of daily life, and therefore, they expect to escape the chore of cleaning, as well.

However, the modern traveler takes the concept to a new level, and expects not only to walk into a spotless room, but one that is also designed and decorated to support and nurture the flow of positivity, serenity, and happiness. This is why creating an open, decluttered space is an excellent way to appeal to the cluttered mind of the guest, and make them instantly feel relaxed and comfortable – an inexpensive solution with a high ROI.

Compliments of the hotel

People love free stuff, and the leisure traveler is no different. But what’s more important is the variety and number of free stuff you can offer to the guest without losing money, but still making a successful investment.

The modern guest expects to find their home away from home here, so along with the basic amenities such as various toiletries (standard size, not miniatures), the accommodation should also boast gadgets such as phone chargers, free AC and Wi-Fi, along with complimentary snacks and drinks for the new arrivals. This becomes especially important if the guests are staying longer, as you want to show them that they are not only welcome to stay, but to come back next year as well.

Creating a relaxing oasis

Above all else, the modern leisure traveler expects to walk into a setting that’s tailor-made to inspire peace and positivity, helping them clear their mind of the daily stress of the real world and enjoy their vacation wholeheartedly. In order to achieve this, your accommodation needs to feel like a serene oasis.
To that end, think about decorating every room for comfort and tranquility, introducing comfy and capacious furniture in the living room, grand freestanding bathtubs in the bathroom as opposed to showers, and supplying the kitchen with everything a modern family could need. Use strategic greenery to emphasize the feeling of calm throughout the space, and try to illuminate the setting with natural light as much as possible in order to imbue every room with positivity.

Introducing the guest to the local culture

If there is anything a leisure traveler hates, it’s having to do their own research or navigate their way through an unfamiliar place. This is your chance to capitalize on their laid-back approach to vacation planning and organization, and supply your guests with all the relevant information about the region.

It might not seem like much, but given the fact that the purpose of their trip is complete relaxation, finding useful pamphlets, maps, and guides in the room is going to make the guest fall in love with how considerate and helpful you are. The key is in simplifying every task and taking care of everything for the guest (to the best of your ability), in order to create a truly relaxing experience and allow them to focus on creating beautiful memories on their trip.

Friendly staff with professional demeanor

Finally, your staff members are the biggest portrayers of your business, and as such, they should practice professional and friendly conduct at all times, preferably in accordance with the values and theme of your brand. It goes without saying that the modern leisure traveler expects to be pampered at every corner, with every question and request met with a friendly “right away”.

Remember, the guest is always right, and this especially holds true in the hospitality industry where your reputation can be elevated or jeopardized based on how you respond to the needs and wishes of your clientele. Therefore, if you want to truly appeal to the leisure traveler, make sure the “no task is too great” moto becomes an inextricable part of your company culture.

In the hospitality industry, business owners are continuously looking for new ways to attract loyal guests and elevate their standing in the competitive arena. When it comes to the leisure traveler demographic, hotels and private rentals need to recognize their unique wishes and expectations, in order to create a comprehensive, memorable experience the guests will love.

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