Australia’s Best Destinations for Motocross Addicts

If you’re looking for that one corner of the world where you can experience an adrenaline rush of a lifetime, or perhaps ascend your way to motocross superstardom, then look no further than the Land Down Under. Yes, Australia’s got it all, from novice tracks to get you accustomed to the perpetual bumping and jumping, all the way to those devilish tracks that demand caution and plenty of courage, every state has something amazing to offer.

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Now, what’s so amazing about the following five destinations that they simply must find their way into your 2018 motocross itinerary? Well, the simple fact that they offer a comprehensive, adrenaline-filled experience for any skillset. That’s right, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, you can learn, test, and master new skills on these motocross tracks that were just built for motocross addicts.

Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex, New South Wales

Located less than a four-hour drive northwest from the gem of NSW, Sydney, lies the biggest motocross Enduro trail area in the state, conveniently nestled on a working sheep and cattle property. Go figure. The complex is managed and operated by a motocross aficionado with many years in the trade, which means that the area is built with experience and expertise, all for the purpose of giving you an adventure of a lifetime.

The area boasts 150 kilometres of off-road tracks for riding and racing, and five Motocross tracks that range from novice to expert level. Every track poses a different challenge, and you will be testing your skills on natural and man-made obstacles including some sick jumps. You can also leave your baby (the bike) for the night at the local bike lock-up, or give her a thorough scrub-down and a tune-up as well.

Motocross Mountain, Queensland

Not a two-hour ride northwest from Brisbane, you will find the thrilling Enduro and Motocross tracks aimed at giving the experts a run for their money, and the beginners the means to learn the necessary skills to become masters of the trade. The entire 370-acre property is purpose-built for dirt bike lovers looking to challenge some steep climbs and test the limits of their metal steeds on those long flat stretches and berms.

When considering to test your skills on these types of tracks, it’s imperative that you adhere to the proper safety protocols, and that you wear adequate protective gear, such as the new Troy Lee designs that will help you progress to those expert trails safely and efficiently. Remember to wear breathable and durable clothing, footwear, and helmet in order to prevent injuries and enjoy your ride to the max.

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West Moto Park, Western Australia

Located about two hours northeast from Perth is the West Moto Park, boasting a 10-kilometre-long Enduro trail along with three advanced, intermediate, and beginner tracks for all skill levels. All of these tracks aim to test your abilities and help you perfect your skillset in order to transition to the next stage in your motocross career. You can also hire a dirt bike for the day if you don’t have your own, and you can take dirt-biking lessons from industry veterans throughout the season. Camping in the area is also available, making it an awesome outdoor adventure destination as well.

ACUSA Park, South Australia

Located in Harrogate outside of Adelaide, lies the ACUSA Park with its two Motocross tracks, an Enduro trail loop, and a beautiful dirt track. These trails cater to all rider levels, so you will have no problem testing your skills no matter how confident or proficient you are in the sport. The complex is also host to the annual South Australian State Off-Road Championships, which means that the tracks are purpose-built for awesomeness and adventure.

Ride Park, Victoria

Just outside Melbourne, located 45 minutes by car to the west (take the M8 straight there) lies the Ride Park in Parwan – a purpose-built dirt bike complex that offers numerous tracks for all skill levels, ranging from small and big jumps all the way to tracks that require some prior planning. The park is also unique in the sense that it boasts volcanic soil trails with challenging ruts and jumps that will put your skills to the test.

If you’re looking to venture into the world of motocross or even master the fine art of driving a bike across unforgiving terrains, then Australia has got you covered on all fronts. Be sure to visit these top five destinations in order to experience a dirt bike adventure of a lifetime.