Feel at Home (Or Something Like It): 5 Tips for Having a Better Sleep While in a Hotel

sleeping in hotel

You just spent several hours of travel to get to your travel destination, and you want to cap off the long day by getting yourself a sound sleep. However, when it is the time that you badly need sleep, it becomes elusive. Every time you fail to doze off, you perhaps blame the new and unfamiliar surrounding.    

Your frustration is, of course, justifiable since there is much unnecessary noise that you can hear in a  hotel. There is the sound of the passing cars outside, the elevator’s rumble, the murmurs in the hallway that all contribute to keeping you awake in the middle of the night. With these disturbances, you might ask yourself, “In what way can I put myself to sleep?”

Put Your Belongings in the Hotel Cabinet

You should keep in mind that a stuffy hotel room is not a conducive room for sleeping. That is why, when you are on your travel, and you need to spend the night in a hotel, it is advisable that you put away your belongings into a hotel cabinet.

When you place your things in a place where you can quickly see it, there is a chance that it will remind you of your next day’s endeavor. As such, your thoughts about your tasks for the next day will prevent you to get that good night’s sleep.

Make the Room Cool

Warm room temperature is not conducive to getting that sleep that you need while you are traveling. As such, it will do you good to turn on the air-conditioner and crank down the temperature level to the coolness that you desired.

It is because a cool temperature has sleep-inducing effects on your brain and body which can help you sleep during the night. Thus, if you badly want to doze off, you should turn on the hotel’s aircon.

Bring an Eye Mask

Many studies point to light as one of the culprits in changing our sleep patterns and circadian rhythm. So if you think that your sleep surrounding provides you too much light, you should turn off the room lights or wear an eye mask.

You can look for an eye mask that is made of comfortable cotton, and that is light in weight to give that ultimate comfort that you need.

Put On Your Earplugs

Aside from light, sounds can also prevent you to have a sound sleep. Studies show that a sleeping environment should not exceed 30 decibels to help you drift off to sleep easily.If the noise in the room exceeds beyond that point, it will keep you up during the night.

Hence, to muffle those sounds that hinder you from sleeping, it is advisable that you put on your earplugs. You can also download a white noise app on your phone to soften the unnecessary noises in your hotel room.

Take Your Favorite Pillow from Home on Your Travel

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You will never know what beddings or pillows the hotel will have. There is a probability that the hotel pillows have the softness of firmness that you do not want. Therefore, it will do you good that you bring with you your favorite pillows from home on your travel.

Aside from pillows, you can also bring a portable mattress in your travel. For sure, the hotel room that you check in will feel like your home. You can look for portable mattresses in sites like Black Mango for it.


Getting yourself a sound sleep is important when you are traveling. But some many of us will find it difficult to doze in a new and unfamiliar environment. Therefore, it is advisable that you take some cues of the tips mentioned above to get you that good night’s sleep when traveling.

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Andy Lim is a travel and lifestyle blogger. She gives to tips on how to survive solo traveling and tips on how to get better sleep in hotels. Andy is also a big movie and soccer enthusiasts.

About Andy Lim

Andy Lim is a travel and lifestyle blogger. When she is available, Andy writes about her travel experiences for her readers recognize the beauty of traveling. She also loves to play with her pet pug, Ben.