Points to Ponder Prior To Hiring Off Road Caravan Services

If you are looking to get an off-road caravan, you will come across sheer breadth of varieties. It may seem to be a bit confusing, but you can come to a decision unlike usual caravans. Off road caravans have been designed in such a manner that they can easily handle unsealed roads along with bush and deserted tracks.

Such exclusive modifications allow caravans to bear a lot of weight that is due to ruts, corrugation and potholes. Due to a wide number of modifications, it is important to choose services that provide off road caravans carefully. Also, the caravan you choose must include the required modifications. Some of the most commonly include:

  • High ground clearance
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Off road tires and suspension kits

Full Height -Very Much Important to Provide Off Road Caravans

It is a fact that the height of off road caravans is very much similar to conventional counterparts and also similar in terms of liability, size and features. While choosing a caravan, there is a plethora of modifications and features that need to be taken into consideration. They are as under:

  • Highly galvanized chassis
  • Large sized water tanks
  • Strong and highly reinforced cabinets
  • Large sized chassis members
  • Highly articulated coupling for tow etc.

A Wide Variety of Off Road Suspension to Choose from!

There is a wide variety of options available in of off road suspension to choose from. It is better to go with off road caravan that holds better ground clearance feature along with high rear for better angle and stone guard. Other inclusions that make off road caravans an ideal choice include:

  • Tandem axels
  • Energy efficient lights
  • Heavy duty bumpers

Generally, high end caravan manufacturers make use of these inclusions while carrying out the manufacturing task. Manufacturers that are known to provide off road caravans that come equipped with energy efficient lights, heavy duty bumpers etc. are rare, therefore you should conduct thorough research before you make a choice.

Off Road Caravans – Require Highly Powerful Tow

Off road caravans are large and heavy due to a plethora of features they possess. Thus, it is very much important to use a highly powerful tow. As per recent studies, towing vehicles are worth in terms of investment. Caravans will seem to be equal to a house on wheels. The joy of riding a caravan is incomparable.

Pop off Top Caravan – Popular in Humid Climatic Conditions

Off top road caravan with a pop is very much helpful for places that experience humid climatic conditions. They are well known in terms of providing good ventilation and are not as heavy as regular off road caravans. There is no need to go along with a highly expensive as well as powerful tow for pulling the caravan along with manpower.

Lower height of the caravan makes it duly suitable for enhanced fuel economy as well as high speeds.  Due to its smaller size, it can easily be manoeuvred into any type of parking space such as garage and many more. Though there is enough space for storage, these caravans must not be used on bush tracks comprising low branches for hanging.

It can be easily made out that off road caravans are best for deserted environments as well as for pre-carpeted roads. If you want high level of versatility, it is better to go with high weighted off road caravans. They will be able to carry heavy load with ease without causing any type of hassle.


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