Dominica – the Caribbean’s best-kept secret

Despite the fact that it is often lumped in with the Dominican Republic (mistakenly), Dominica is a natural paradise with its own appeal. Even though they both have their own appeal, they could not be any more different. While Dominica is a green jewel, the Dominican Republic is a tourism powerhouse of big resorts and broad beaches. These are some of our favorite things to do in Dominica.

Go snorkeling along Champagne Reef

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One of the most charming things about snorkeling is its simplicity. Champagne Reef is Dominica’s best snorkeling spot. Snorkeling is much easier and straightforward than scuba diving. You do not need technical acumen or sleek gear. You simply stick your head under water, and you breathe.

You can launch directly from the rocky shore into the water, because there is no beach to speak of. The bubbling vents in the sea bottom make the reef special, this is where the reef gets its name. The Champagne Reef has geothermal activity that can lead to underwater temperatures near the vents of upwards of 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). You will come across a range of different creatures, including a wealth of colorful fish, squid, and seahorses.

Explore the culture in Kalinago Territory

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The only place that you can find pre-Colombian Carib Indians is on Dominica. It is the only island that has a enduring population. On Dominica’s northeast coast, you can find a baker who still makes cassava bread the old-fashioned way. This means cooking on an open flame in an old sugar cane cooker, and the cassava is milled with a treadle-operated grinder.

Even though you can learn a great deal from these indigenous people (who gave the Caribbean its name), you should not expect people to walk around as though they were never exposed to Western culture. In fact, they have embraced modern ways. For the sake of drawing in tourism, they will share the traditions of the Carib. This may include music, herbal healing, storytelling, cooking, and canoe building. Some of the arts and crafts on display include basket weaving, calabash carving, and pottery.

Hike up to Boiling Lake

One of Dominica’s most dramatic sights can be found at Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Boiling Lake measures about 60 to 75 meters. The hike to Boiling Lake is certainly not straightforward. The lake is an opening in the ground that releases boiling water in a cloud of vapor. As far as natural attractions go, this is a truly amazing sight. Because the trek can take anywhere between three to six hours, it is important to get an early start. You also need to dress accordingly, because you should expect to get wet and muddy.

Even though it does not necessarily have the immediate tourist appeal that some of the other Caribbean locations have, there is so much natural beauty to be found in Dominica that we believe it is certainly worth a visit. Given that Dominica is still unknown enough to be naturally beautiful, we believe that a trip is certainly in order before it garners too much mainstream attention. With so much to do and see, consider Dominica for your next trip!