The best cities to experience Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo party

Experience Cinco de Mayo – The 5th of May. It stands for one thing throughout Mexico and the United States – time for a fiesta! These are a few of the best places that we think that you should hit up if you want to enjoy Cinco de Mayo. So grab yourself an chilled margarita, and we can get started.

Cinco de Mayo in Phoenix

When you look in Phoenix, the festivities for Cinco de Mayo are not restricted to a single location. You can enjoy three days of dancing and festivities in Mesa, watch live performances on the stage in Scottsdale, enjoy a Chihuahua race in Chandler, or go to Patriots Square Park in downtown Phoenix and be sure that you get a glimpse of the massive number of booths set up there.

Enjoy spending Cinco de Mayo in the Windy City

Why should Cinco de Mayo be an exception, because Chicago never needs an excuse to have a party. You can head to the yearly Pub Crawl (make sure that you buy a wristband beforehand) or if you are with your family, you can enjoy the annual parade on Sacramento Drive in Lawndale or enjoy the music and special menus at the many Mexican eateries throughout Chicago.

National celebration of Cinco de Mayo in Washington, D.C.

Every year, the Maru Montero Dance Company performing is what caps off the National Cinco de Mayo Festival in Washington, D.C. Rather than just focusing on Mexico alone, this celebration focuses on Latin America’s heritage. Performers have gathered from Nicaragua, Argentina, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Guatemala to provide a spectacular performance right outside the Washington Monument.

Go to the City of Angels to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

With Fiesta Broadway (a multi-day festival), you can find one of the most expansive celebrations of Cinco de Mayo in the entire United States here. As the party goes on, it moves to the Historical Monument – El Pueblo de Los Angeles, which is filled with the sounds of traditional music, folk tales being told, the option to enjoy Mexican cuisine, and of course, the monument itself is decked out with Mexican flags.

Where it all began – Puebla, Mexico

With all the excitement and the fun of Cinco de Mayo, it might be easy to forget where this day actually came from. Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza and the outnumbered troops that fought along his side defended the town of Puebla against the French occupying forces on May 5, 1862. This was especially impressive because the French forces outnumbered the Mexican forces and were far better equipped as well. Even though it does not function as an official celebration of Mexican Independence, May 5 has become a symbol of Mexican heritage and pride.

Although Cinco de Mayo is about having fun and letting go of some restrictions, the one expectation that everyone has is that you enjoy yourself safely. If you want to experience Cinco de Mayo at these places yourself, make sure that you get a nearby hotel so you are able to relax for the evening when the time is ready.