Affordable vacation destinations 2017

You do not have to spend an arm and a leg on your next vacation. In fact, these following five destinations are evidence of that fact – you are able to enjoy a great vacation for a fraction of the price if you know where to look.


mexico vacations

The exchange rate with Mexico has never been better. For example, for our American readers, the dollar is at a five-year high against the Mexican peso. This means that your budget will be stretched even further than before. Combine the currency benefits with the increasing number of non-stop flights that are offered to Mexico, sprinkle in a dash of hotel discounts, and you have a very affordable vacation.


Russian destinations

When looking at the list of the world’s most expensive hotel countries, you will often see Russia near the top of the list – so it may feel a little strange to see Russia included on this list of surprisingly affordable vacation destinations. However, the Russian Ruble has significantly weakened because of dropping oil prices. As a result, when compared to the end of 2013, the currency has devalued by approximately 98 percent. It is one of the most underappreciated currencies in the world right now, and summer would make for a perfect time to go….especially because booking later in the year will give you time to sort out the necessary tourist visa.


ukraine vacations

The Ukraine is like Russia 2.0 – having taken damage because of the commodities market’s falling prices. Despite the fact that it has long been stable, the Ukrainian Hryvnia has since taken a major hit as of 2014. Because of Russia’s aggressive actions in the Crimea region, there has been a large drop in tourism as well. According to the latest index, a comfortable but budget-minded trip (which includes activities, drinks, meals, transportation, and a hotel) should cost you about 46 USD per day.


argentina vacations

Thanks to Argentina’s economic woes and weak currency, it is now a perfect time to travel here. In recent years, the value of the Argentinian peso has continued to drop. However, do note that the fluid exchange rate can be exploited when making credit card purchases, experts do caution travellers that you should only pay in U.S. dollars or pesos – stick to cash when you pay.


chile vacations

You can maximize value on the ground in Chile as long as you get good airfare. Given the fact that the Chilean peso is at a five-year low, a trip here provides even more value for travellers. The most popular point of entry is Santiago Airport and you can get here from New York, Miami, and Los Angeles for relatively modest prices. As with most of these places, as long as you can get there with an affordable flight, your actual experience on the ground will not be too expensive. This is why we recommend that you look into booking early and find a great deal on your next flight to one of these amazing destinations!