Gold Coast Cruise Ship Terminal


The Gold Coast news and hype about the $7.5 billion Cruise Ship Terminal is now reality along with a proposed resort which is estimated to bring in over 12,000 local to full time jobs.

The ASF Consortium state “It will be a place for people to live, nature to thrive, business to invest & visitors to enjoy and embrace”

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Down in Broadwater at Wave Break Island for international cruise ships will put the Gold Coast firmly on the global map and provide a world-wide, world-class tourism destination.

The plans to integrate luxury hotels, state of the art casinos, gorgeous marinas along with beautiful waterfront parklands and of course boasting some amazing entertainment along the way. Although there has been some objection with local residents this will be a place that can be brought into the 21st century as a long term tourism investment for the Gold Coast.  The sea’s and beautiful surrounding waters is the ideal tranquil location to first set your eyes on when coming to the ferry terminal by sea.

 Cruise ship terminalImage citation: Gold Coast Bulletin

Things you may see along the way could be dolphins, turtles and whales even the odd shark which is an awesome experience in itself, upon getting closer you will not fail to miss the high rise buildings of Surfers Paradise which already a fantastic tourism destination.

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With one of the best climates in the world the chances are it’s going to be sunny when visiting this wonderful place from the sea. It surely will be one of the most sought after cruise ship destinations in the world which will of course drive the tourism industry forward into our next generation.

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