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The Internet has certainly been revolutionary in the promotion of travel and associated services to people worldwide. Whilst there will always be those that prefer going in to their local travel agent and planning their ‘dream holiday’, the abundance of information available online, certainly serves as a brilliant starting point to gather ideas and research where, how, when, why and how much.

The online revolution has also born a new breed of traveller. They are those that want to be in complete control of all of their holiday plans, seek out the unusual and discover all of the various options that are available to them. But for too long now one of the key restrictions has been the plethora of different websites that you may have to visit in order to hunt down the cheapest airfares, hotels, car hire, activities or luxury cruises.


Sure there are a number of good solid comparison sites that allow you to search thousands of hotels, or the cheapest airfares, but when it comes to you being your own travel agent, you find that you’re sitting there with a dozen different web browser windows open, rifling through various websites all in pursuit of that ‘top deal’. It seems that on the whole the majority of travel comparison websites have been somewhat specialised in the products or services that they offer.

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be unrealistic for those of us wanting to save a few dollars to choose booking our entire family holiday online. In doing so, we would of course want to find the best value airfares, the most suitable accommodation, maybe a hire car to ferry the family around to the local attractions, then tickets to some of those attractions. Then of course the age old dilemma of what to do with your own car. Do you drive and park at the airport? If you do, how much will it cost? And so the age old story goes. Or, would you rent a funky campervan and tour.


Then of course holidays can take a number of different forms, where hotels and hire cars are not even a consideration, such as self-drive motorhome or campervan holidays and cruises. In essence, wouldn’t it be fantastic to find that one stop shop where everything your heart desires to make your holiday become a reality was available. That’s where Compare & Choose come in.  Why should the dream just end there? You then start thinking about things like travel insurance, one of those necessary evils, but makes you feel just that more comfortable knowing you have it. Oh and then there’s the packing dilemma. You’ve got a suitcase, but you’d really like one of those trendy pull along cases, not one of the soft ones, but those hard style ones.

Now that you come to think of it, it’s going to be a 27 hour trip door to door. You’ve always wanted a new iPad or tablet. You could read books or play games on the flight. Hmm, then there’s your camera. It really is getting quite old, that’s right Aunty Marg bought it for you when you finished high school, heck, that was ten years ago. It really doesn’t take the best photos, or hold very many. You sure could do with a new one before your holiday, that’s where Compare & Choose step in again.

Then as you start to tell your friends about your upcoming holiday, they start talking about some of the top attractions and activities you can do where you’re going. Hmm, you wonder how much it would actually cost to do the Mozart Concert and Dinner at Stiftskeller? Or the Original Sound of Music Private Tour? But if you’re going to go up into the Alps, you’re going to need some decent hiking boots, and some warmer clothes as well. You’ll have to buy those as well before you go, oh and don’t forget travel power adaptors, you’ll need them too.

Then for a brief second your brain yells ‘STOP’! The next thing you know you’re talking with your inner self. Where am I going to get all the things I need for my holiday? It’s going to take me ages to go shopping and get them all. Maybe I should just forget it. Maybe it’s just easier if I go to Uncle Vern and Aunt Pam’s farm for a week or so. But that’s so boring, and I’ve done it before, so why don’t I do something different for a change like a adventure activity I have always wanted to do.


Whatever you do, don’t talk yourself out of you dream holiday. There is an answer, a place where you can compare the best prices on flights, accommodation, car hire, campervan rentals, cruises, parking, insurance, activities, adventures, shopping and much more, and that is Compare and Choose!

Now that you have read this and understood that we are here to serve you and try to assist in making decisions easier without charging you a cent! Does that make Compare & Choose worthy of a review.

Decide for yourself.

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